Enough of the day- Friday Yay!

“Be who God created you to be and you will set the world on fire.”
-Catherine of Sienna

Hope during Quarantine

Quarantine has been a rough time for all the world. It has been a painstakingly lonely one for many. A time of job loss, sometimes limited resources, isolation, etc. So I thought I would lift our spirits a bit with a small drawing I made. This is the hope bluebirds. Hope is the thing withContinue reading “Hope during Quarantine”

Dogman’s Beach- Planning Ensues

A lovely little email popped in this morning from United Airlines: Airline deal: As low as $50. Thoughts of Kyril and I’s upcoming honeymoon clouded my head, immediately. Ahhhh… relaxing on a beach 🏖 We both would like to go to Puerto Rico. I’ve only been once and Kyril hasn’t been at all. That’s whatContinue reading Dogman’s Beach- Planning Ensues

Winter Aches

So, many years ago, I was diagnosed with a “permanent sprain”. Great, my biking had to slow down, I had to slow down, my life seemed like everything was just chugging on a slow train. Now years later my feet get ice cold, circulation problems from my TBI etc. My foot/ankle/hip are in continuous pain.Continue reading “Winter Aches”

Hair dye and Changing Seasons

So the snow is piled up outside my house close to 5 inches! Quite a seasons change for this Kansas girl. Moving 1,000 miles towards the ocean does that, I guess. This bold move sparked a change in my life. Honestly making me bolder, braver, and most importantly helped me find my direction. Right now,Continue reading “Hair dye and Changing Seasons”