Hair dye and Changing Seasons

So the snow is piled up outside my house close to 5 inches! Quite a seasons change for this Kansas girl. Moving 1,000 miles towards the ocean does that, I guess.

This bold move sparked a change in my life. Honestly making me bolder, braver, and most importantly helped me find my direction.

Right now, I’m sitting in a salon chair with tinfoil and a plastic mask on. It’s one of the craziest things that I’ve decided to do and I love it!

Moving helped me decide “how to be myself.”

As the snow swirls down I’m calm which feels incredible! Being calm and relaxed has been a struggle for me since I moved. In fact, my neurologist recently diagnosed me with anxiety and prescribed some fancy pills for me.

On top of that I’ve been drinking chamomile tea, long baths, and NOW GETTING MY HAIR HIGHLIGHTED! Will post pictures soon friends.

As a venture towards a happier, healthier, independent life, I want to challenge you in this next week to find some new change that you… and only you want to make in your life—and DO IT.

If you’d like to after post a comment or photo below. What did you do to happy change did you make?

Be bold.

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