Winter Aches

So, many years ago, I was diagnosed with a “permanent sprain”. Great, my biking had to slow down, I had to slow down, my life seemed like everything was just chugging on a slow train.

Now years later my feet get ice cold, circulation problems from my TBI etc. My foot/ankle/hip are in continuous pain. It doesn’t seem fair that this is my burden.

But then I think to myself. This is my pain to bear. This is my sacrifice to carry.

So, I bear it for a greater purpose.

So I challenge you. Find something that gives you pain or suffering and offer it up for a greater purpose.

What is it you struggle with? Comment below if you feel comfortable sharing.

Have a beautiful and blessed day!

Published by Maggie Kuhn

TBI survivor, florist, ebook author, inspired to encourage others through my writing. -Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars.

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