Lenten Penance

Lent has arrived and as a Catholic I am called to give up something as a penitential sacrifice. Meaning if you love chocolate it could be a really good thing to give up chocolate. I did not give up chocolate. I gave up coffee. Which, if you’ve been following my blog, or even seen the name of my blog you know this is a sacrifice for me.

But, I’ve been getting along well so far. Though, admittedly, I conked out yesterday at 11:00 am! and took a hour long nap. I’m feeling tired now, too. Haha, it will be a long sleepy Lent for me but I will hold steady and avoid the Joe.

My NOOM journey that I started a week ago started off really well with me losing two pounds. But then I ate and gained it all back. Urggh, hopefully the weather will get nicer and I can start biking again. I have a trainer that I use too that allows me to just bike on the porch, which is pretty savvy. But its still too cold to even do that!

With NOOM and Lent Kyril and I have been on a pretty strict diet. BUT…. tomorrow’s a feast day, Sunday. Which means we can have desserts and anything that we gave up.

Sooo….! I’m making Kyril a gluten free Black Forest Cake, from Recipe Rebel blog, Black Forest Cake. Which as I’m cooking up the cherries now smells sooo YUMMY!

I tweaked the recipe ever so slightly by adding to the cherries roughly 1/2 cup cranberries to the 2 cups of maraschino cherries. I also added to the cherry sauce an alcohol my fiancé goes crazy over, lol not really, it’s called Cherry Herring. These two adjustments I think will make the cherry sauce BOLDER. Like my coffee that I’m having this morning…

HELLO SUNDAY! (I have given up coffee for Lent and Sundays are feast days)

So this morning we are unable to go to church because we don’t have a car anymore. More on that later, urggh.

The cherry mixture is chilling in the freezer now. I want to get it just cool enough to spread on the whip cream layer on the cake.

Cherry sauce

Yeah it’s chilled and ready to go in between the cake layers! Here we go!

Ok had to pop back in freezer not quite chilled all the way.

Meanwhile, I’ll tell you about why we no longer have a car. On Tuesday I had an appointment a couple towns away. Thankfully my fiancé had time to take me!

So coming back from that we stop at a Sheetz to get a snack because my blood sugar is way low. My eyes were bigger than my stomach!

Back on the road we’re heading home a different direction than we’ve ever taken. It’s cold out about 30 degrees. We’re about half way across the bridge my fiancé’s at the right speed then suddenly we careen into the back of a completely steel truck!

The airbags shot out, and the glass cracked on the windshield cracked in a circle in front of my seat. Immediately, Kyril told me to jump out of the car. Meanwhile the steel truck driver gets out of his vehicle walking over to see if we’re ok. Thank God we are without a single scratch. What a miracle, thank God!

After that incident, though shaken, I am back to my peppy self.

My fiancé and I just got back from a rigorous walk down to the coffee shop to find that they were, unfortunately, closed.

I’m making dinner right now a sweet potato soup I found on NOOM.

All in all it has been a wonderful weekend!

More later friends 😊

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