Perservere with Happiness through Difficulty

A smile brightens my face as the first rays of sunshine appear above the horizon. What a beautiful dawn it is. I have a decent bit of things on my plate to do this morning but being there to witness the dawn of a new day gives me so much peace. It’s the little things that make life beautiful, I think.

Anyhow, I finished reading two chapters of my psychology book in the dark… Well, in the dark on a lighted porch. I couldn’t sleep and thought I might as well get some homework outta the way. I enjoy doing my homework before the world wakes up.

Today, is Holy Monday which starts the beginning of Holy Week and the lead-up to Easter. I will be writing cards all this next week to friends and family announcing our wedding as well as a little personal note. I think Holy Week is symbolically a wonderful time to get that done.

I confess, this year has been tough on me. I have waffled between keto, gluten-free, vegetarian etc. diets. Which indeed, took a toll on me. I, recently, was diagnosed with anemia.

With any new diagnosis it seems, there’s shock, then disbelief, then anger at the diagnosis. For me at least.

I’m going to start eating a balanced diet and see if that helps as well as B12 supplements.

So, I did a little nutritional research on foods that will help my dificiency:

  • White Bread
  • Eggs
  • Tuna
  • Salmon
  • Fortified Cereal
  • Red meat
  • Kale & Spinach
  • Fortified Orange Juice

It’s not a huge change, just a little, and I’m sure I’ll be fine by-and-by.

Maybe you’ve experienced this diagnosis too. Please share below in how you’re dealing with it.

Persevere even when times get rough… My motto and I’m stickin’ by it.


Godsend, a new day

As I peer out from under my blanket I notice the sun blaring through the shades. Yeah!! It’s a sunny beautiful day in PA. What a blessing!

This afternoon I got to work in the garden a little; gettin’ my hands nice and dirty. Boy, planting things reminds me of where I grew up.

This is hopefully my garden in 20 days 😜

This afternoon’s I baked two dozen gluten-free pumpkin muffins. Which Kyril likes 🎉

I got a job as a teachers aide!!! Hurrah! Just in time for my computer to go ca-puttt! Utrgh. Currently restarting.

Goodness gracious.

Wedding Bliss

A steady breeze comes in as I think about my upcoming wedding and the life after. I am actually pretty confident that I have everything for the wedding mostly planned. What a relief. I keep thinking back to when Kyril and I first messaged each other nearly 5 years ago. Wowzer!

First shots in Sepia!

Times flys.

So, days later, hairstyles later, nail colors later, we are now planning our wedding.

The reception will be held at a Catholic Church and afterwards a fun reception at a historical building.

I’m thrilled!

I’m thinking of having carved out pumpkins as vases for bouquets of carnations and Queen Anne’s Lace.

Similar to this ⬆️

Big lovely cream colored curtains draping from the vaulted ceiling.

I definitely want my entrance into the church to be Pachelbel’s Canon.

Pachelbel’s Canon

We’ve chosen to have round tables. Not exactly sure they’ll be as stately as the one below. So let’s just focus on the tablecloth. I want all unique tablecloths of the same lace/needlework style that I find at thrift stores.

Literally, it’s going to be a ball! . . .

Good thing I’m not knitting. 😂

My fiancé says my puns have 5 degrees of separation. . . Maybe he’s right 😋

And homemade jam as the guest gifts. Which I’ll be making this summer!


Probably raspberry or blackberry jam.

There will be votive candles in pumpkins carved with hearts in the middle.

And votive candles on the guest tables. They’ll set a nice fall tone!

Whether these pictures become fact or fiction I will always know the truest part of a wedding is the ceremony and the uniting of two hearts.

That’s the most important part and I couldn’t be happier with my match! 🥰 ♥️

Building Bridges to Achieve Goals

I can hear the house shuttering against the wind. It’s quiet and the house is filled with peace and tranquility. I still alone and watch the birds flutter from tree to tree outside. The sun glares through my window and I feel the comfort of a warm sunny day inside.

I have been reading, assembling a dresser and organizing this morning. Very quiet activities and not an ounce of anxiety today. Silence does that for me. Getting away from the world in my own house is such a comforting thing for me, sometimes.

When I was young, I’d often run down to Beaver Creek a creek a little way down from my house. My father had built a bridge for me there. Hopefully, soon I will walk that bridge again.

. . .But, can I truly walk a bridge, when another one has developed?

I ponder this as I think of my upcoming wedding.

I’ve built a new bridge and time has passed. Even if I wanted to I couldn’t revisit that bridge of my childhood. I couldn’t now that I’m high past twenty.

As the years have gone by I’ve developed myself and built more bridges through college, friends, hobbies, and different cultures. I have friends from all over the world, now.

As I child and early teenager: I knitted, wrote, played in the creek and played the piano.

Now, as and adult: I organize, do household chores, finances, occasionally watercolor, read (textbooks mostly), and make dinner.

So, time has dragged me on like a minuet, playing softly in triple time.

But all through the years I have kept one thing. One persistent want—-dare I say, need, for myself. And that is writing.

When I was young I built a bridge into a little reporting journalism job. That bridge grew with my every CITY COUNCIL meeting, that dragged on in a grueling way. I worked really hard though and was soon promoted to write freelance articles.

I wrote about local agriculture, farm histories, interest articles spotlighting people or businesses. I once wrote a piece about the local animal shelter and city animal regulations. Fascinating story that I even had to go to the police office for more information. The police office was connected to the pound. I even got to write a couple artist promos where I had the privilege to interview

Building more bridges I took my work to another newspaper that I began writing for in 2018.

Writing brought me such clarity and to share that with others brought me such profound happiness.

I’m like a caged bird and writing sets me free!