A steady breeze comes in as I think about my upcoming wedding and the life after. I am actually pretty confident that I have everything for the wedding mostly planned. What a relief. I keep thinking back to when Kyril and I first messaged each other nearly 5 years ago. Wowzer!

First shots in Sepia!

Times flys.

So, days later, hairstyles later, nail colors later, we are now planning our wedding.

The reception will be held at a Catholic Church and afterwards a fun reception at a historical building.

I’m thrilled!

I’m thinking of having carved out pumpkins as vases for bouquets of carnations and Queen Anne’s Lace.

Similar to this ⬆️

Big lovely cream colored curtains draping from the vaulted ceiling.


I definitely want my entrance into the church to be Pachelbel’s Canon.

Pachelbel’s Canon

We’ve chosen to have round tables. Not exactly sure they’ll be as stately as the one below. So let’s just focus on the tablecloth. I want all unique tablecloths of the same lace/needlework style that I find at thrift stores.

Literally, it’s going to be a ball! . . .

Good thing I’m not knitting. 😂

My fiancé says my puns have 5 degrees of separation. . . Maybe he’s right 😋

And homemade jam as the guest gifts. Which I’ll be making this summer!


Probably raspberry or blackberry jam.

There will be votive candles in pumpkins carved with hearts in the middle.

And votive candles on the guest tables. They’ll set a nice fall tone!

Whether these pictures become fact or fiction I will always know the truest part of a wedding is the ceremony and the uniting of two hearts.

That’s the most important part and I couldn’t be happier with my match! 🥰 ♥️