I think I’m still a little in shock of the cold of PA. It’s so bloody cold here. I already have circulation problems the cold is so uncomfortable for me. Erk!

As you know if you’ve been following my blog last year I was working at a tiny coffee shop in the Sunflower state. I was thinking about the coffee shop today and how grateful I was to work there, good golly, it was a blessing during that time.

During that time I also was cleaning houses once a week. Which if you’ve cleaned houses you know how physically taxing it can be. At that time, however, it didn’t bother me. Except for the fact that I remember one of my houses heat always being turned up insanely high.

I remember sitting in my bed relaxing at the end of a hard days work texting my best friend and confidante about my days joys and struggles.

Little did I know he would play such a huge part in my life, as my fiancé and husband.

I am so blessed.

And our journey wasn’t easy either. We met on Catholic Match. It was 3 tiresome years of happy calls, emotional calls, disconnected internet, etc. But whatever my mood he was always there for me, like my rock.

I am so blessed with love.