The rain drips down my window like a leaking faucet.

I think of Kansas and how the rain usually brought thunder and lightning. The rain always let up after awhile but not here. Here it’ll rain day in and day out. It’s crazy!

Kansas stormy night

I’m finishing up my semester now. Plowing away at studies. My fiancé had it much harder than me right now with buckets and buckets of exams. Masters student stuff.

In fact, that’s what I’m shooting for too!

Eventually, I want to achieve a Master’s in Clinical Counseling. I just need to finish my bachelors which I almost have whooped. As I’m a junior now.

This summer I’m taking another class. And in the Fall three more.

It’s been a crazy arduous journey. Oh my!

But, I’ve been persistent.

One thing that helps me that I’ve become keenly aware of since I moved to Pennsylvania is the weather.

Growing upon a farm the weather-well-basically planned the workdays.

That surely stuck with me too as I brought with me quite the green thumb! I planted citronella and pansy’s; nasturtium and bulls blood beets; and green onions and sunflowers.

I guess, after moving out here on my own and planting my own garden I have become more wary of how the weather changes.

With all the rain I’ve stayed busy inside r on the porch. Recently, I’ve been working on a mug rack which I owe thanks to the DIY Cottage: DIY mug rack with chalkboard. It’s not quite done yet. So will post a photo of my mug rack soon.

Soon, I will be starting several knitting projects for babies!! I absolutely love hearing the news of someone expecting. It’s just so exciting!

One of my friends is having a baby to add to her family that has been multiplying wonderfully. I have made it a point, she being one of my closest friends, to always make something for her children.

Anyway, I better sign off for now and get back to knitting 😁