This is what the Catholic church needs to hear in this time of utter turmoil.

Catholicism Pure & Simple

CP&S comment. On May 19th we published a disturbing testimony from 1Peter5 by an unnamed seminarian who was about to leave the seminary due to his total disillusionment with the current state of the Church. Finding no point anymore in his vocation to become a priest when the modernist formation he had been receiving denied all the fundamental bulwarks of our Catholic Faith, he sees the Barque of Peter as sinking fast on a downward spiral. He even asks, “Is there any reason why I should remain Catholic?”

We now publish an excellent and very sagacious response from Dr Peter Kwasniewski to the serious questions and issues the troubled seminarian brings up.

Christ’s Agony in the Garden, Duccio di Buoninsegna, ARSH 1308, Museum of the Duomo, Siena

I was deeply moved by the article that appeared at this site, entitled“Seminarian: ‘Is There Any Reason Why I Should Remain Catholic?’”

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