Adventures of Maggie #1: Hotspot Specialty Coffee Shop & More

It’s 8:05 we’re speeding down the highway in a white van full of asparagus and I haven’t had coffee. Kyril and I, with the help of my dad, packed 50 15 lb boxes of asparagus into the van at 5 am this morning.

Last night, Kyril and I went to go fishing at a farm pond. But… there was a fence and a plot of land we didn’t think we had permission to go on.

Fishing is such a relaxing sport. I enjoy it!

Speaking of relaxing we’re just 15 minutes away from visiting a new coffee shop!!

Hotspot Specialty Coffee House

Ok, folks now this was great coffee and espresso. I ordered the lavender latte and my fiancé ordered the Cuban coffee. They were both scrumptious!

I love visiting coffee shops! Each so unique and interesting. I try to only support local coffee shops in whatever town/city I’m in. Shopping Local is cool. Shopping Local helps small businesses, which I try and help all year not only during small business week— but all the time.

It was delicious coffee so I would strongly recommend stopping by Hotspot Coffee!

Well that’s all for now folks, I hope you have a lovely day 😁

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