#1: Trains and Tracks; More than Just That

Trains have become a real symbolic metaphor for me. A train can take you from town to town, state to state, or country to country. Even underwater. They travel hundreds to thousands of miles climbing through mountains and sailing across long endless flat lands or even across the English Channel.

Wood burning or coal rains have become a thing of the past and most have switched to electric three rail trains. Efficiency has triumphed.

So trains have become more efficient. This is true of many things today; no surprise, the world has become a very fast-paced place.

And, dare I say, too fast.

I remember when I was a child traveling to Colorado Springs on an overnight train. I just remember flickers of that trip. It seems my memory of, before the wreck, is similar to a candle, sometimes flickering in so vividly I can almost remember the feel of the train jolting and the fascination I had prancing through the cars.

Then I remember the heat rising from the Springs.

It was a beautiful trip!


2 thoughts on “#1: Trains and Tracks; More than Just That

  1. Yes!! I enjoy “train” people too. It’s fascinating how “train” people generally are more open and talkative. The stories you can collect.
    I like that!


  2. I love trains — seeing their huge loads of freight as I explore the High Plains or viewing the art on the boxcars as I sit at crossings — hearing the clack of the wheels on rails as I fall to sleep on the train with the sound of the whistle entering my dreams. As a child, I listened to the whistle and counted the cars on the long trains that passed nearby my grandma & grandpa’s home between Chicago and Milwaukee. Now, I take the train to visit my son in L.A. I travel with people from all walks of life and we form temporary bonds. Train-people are much less “important” and far more relaxed than plane-people. When I arrive in L.A., I am free of cares and ready for adventure.


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