This morning I woke up at the crack of dawn, ready to get a workout in and start my getting slimmer to fit perfectly into my wedding dress— also health and balance.

Oh gee, my balance has really been off recently. I think it’s because of all the riding in the car and school work I’ve been doing. I just forget to workout and take care of myself.

As I write this my face is a sticky mess slathered with a honey and coffee face mask. Because-self care-gals. heehee. It’s nice to do something nice for yourself every once in awhile.

I did an incredible set of workouts this morning in the rising sun peering through my windows.

Well that’s over, I’m snapping back stronger and more determined than before. Here’s my list of goals to prepare for my married academic and growing through my Catholic life.

1. I’m getting organized and going to rock through the rest of this semester my goal is to get a B in my class, Child Growth and Development.

2. Also I want to drop down into a healthy BMI—or my goal is drop one pant size.

3. I am so determined to get some kind of remote travel agent/coordinator job. I love traveling and want to help others with their travel plans. The thrill of experiencing travel if even just vicariously is completely wild and wonderful!

4. Plan an INCREDIBLE wedding to my dear fiancé. While keeping our plans for a glistening water/hot beach honeymoon.

5. Master blogging and affiliate marketing. It is a hard road for a complete beginner like me. I’m just kind of stumbling through this day to day pouring hours into my blog hoping to get a following but most importantly to make encourage others to live vibrant lives full of purpose and exuberance everyday.