Blessing #8: Finding Happiness through Writing Thank you Cards

Writing thank you cards brings me such joy!

How wonderful it is to send a thank you card to someone. It just brightens my day incredibly when I receive a thank you card in the mail.

It is so wonderful to reach out to someone through letters. I have always been a strong supporter of the hand-written letter and I think in this world, especially, right now, handwritten letters are of such importance. Imagine before the dawn of internet when there wasn’t so much hubbub of the internet.

This is where letters are so important. Letters not only bring joy to others, most of the time.

But they’re definite and unchangeable. A letter is like a timestamp. The only way to change it is to burn it, really.

So, all the thank you cards I’m sending will hopefully not only brighten the recipients day but also keep giving whenever they’re read again.

Letters are absolute. Letters make you think before writing. Letters are hand-crafted and take time.

Our world, especially now, I think, needs hand-crafted letters and thank you cards.

It is so important to show thanks to those who have given us gifts even if it is there time going to a wonderful little coffee shop together. Every gift is a sacrifice from the other person of their time or monetarily.

I am finishing up, writing 20 thank you cards for wedding gifts.

Do you have someone you’ve been meaning to reach out to with either a thank you card or a simple hello card?


My dear readers, it is my greatest pleasure to write to you today and thank you for reading my blog and being such kind supporters and followers.

I am so greatly appreciative, thank you!

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