My fiancé and I went on a delivery to NE for a delivery, recently. We got to book a hotel that had free coffee and all the accouterments a girl could ever want. I’m talking shaving cream to toothpaste. No, I know this may seem pretty basic for a hotel to some but I had never stayed some place this nice, so it was so neat for me!

So, friends, I have dived into the cool waters of buying a new wardrobe (it’s a mighty bit colder in Minnesota) and pedicuring. Definitely a new word I just came up with 😉

Speaking of new wardrobes!!! Mod Cloth is a new site (at least to me) that I’ve been looking for clothing on. Please check it out and use my code.

During, this trip I decided I needed some pampering. Not completely necessary but I thought ya know sometimes pedicures are just nice. I bet I could count on one hand the times I’ve had a pedicure. So, I was very excited after making the appointment.

Ooh my! And do my toesies like it!

Goodness gracious.

Literally, since my gait is kinda wonky and my left foot is well pretty frazzled. It was the most calming and wonderful thing. My feet always feel 100% better after I’ve had a pedicure. My toenails are so incredibly better too. I’ve had problems with thick toenails and damage from the trauma of my accident. Which surprisingly have been mitigated.

Now, I am able to walk barefoot unlike before.

It’s crazy.

So, I’m resolved once we move to be making pedicure appointments at least once a month.