10 Ways I Start a Joyful Day

  • Seeing the sunshine through my window and thanking the Lord for this day.
Sunrise coming over the hills
  • Making my bed always seems to set me straight for having a more organized day.
  • Clearing my of floor so it’s not messy all day.
  • Before I eat or drink anything I brush my teeth.
  • Checking the weather (that farm girl instinct in me just pines for the forecast).
  • The night before making sure all the dishes are done and the downstairs is tidy. It makes me slightly miffed to walk into a dirty kitchen in the morning.
  • Fall asleep with a book. Literally, reading a book before bed leads to a sounder sleep.
Photo by Koshevaya_k on Pexels.com
  • I like putting a vase of fresh flowers in my kitchen; that really adds a wonderful smell and a colorful burst to my mornings.
  • Make Coffee
One of my favorite coffee shop’s and roasters!
  • Sit on my porch and greet the birds.

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