My fiancé reached his hand through the window to take my “surprise” latte from the barista. I have a custom with this barista of letting her surprise me with the flavor combination of her choice. I just love having a surprise drink! It’s fun. After seeing the muffins at the counter, we agreed to get a banana chocolate muffin, too.

It was delicious. Very moist and just enough chocolate to still taste the bold banana. YUMM!!

After working all day yesterday I’ve gotta say I’m still tired.

We took the scenic route to the coffee shop. As we turned a corner we were stopped short by a huge tree that had fallen down last night in the terrible storm we had.

After further looking we saw that the tree didn’t look like it has been a dead rotting trees, it’s trunk still looked green. I can’t imagine the wind force that must of ripped that out of the ground.

Oh my!

Thankfully, we are both safe and the large Larch tree in our front yard didn’t fall down.

This morning I’m musing over my joyful time in PA and my inspiring future as a wife to my wonderful fiancé.

This move will be the start of our journey together. And in just a matter of months will be living under the same house with the same name! Oh my, who would’ve thought.

Sometimes, when I wake, I look at my engagement ring on my left hand and smile.

What an amazing adventure we will have together, traveling nearly 1,000 miles, to a new state.

To start a whole new chapter of our life journey.

Our new life, blossoming and flowing together

like the rain gurgling down a waterfall

wild flowers growing along its banks.