Drinking an Albatross while Studying

Albatross- N. animal. A very large oceanic bird, related to the shear waters, with long narrow wings.

Funny enough, my new favorite coffee shop’s Albatross is the name of their three shot espresso drink with white chocolate drizzles and a good inch of delicious foamy goodness.

This is quickly becoming my favorite espresso drink.

As I sit looking out over a golf course at the sedum, also called stonecrop, and ditch lilies (well that’s what we used to call them in my part of KS but they’re actually day lilies) outside.

They’re such pretty flowers I don’t know who originally came up with that name.

Yesterday, I went to my fiance’s school for a class day. He is an incredible teacher, honestly, that’s his jam. Which is really awesome!

There has been a power outage in much of this county this morning and it’s been a big problem for my studies. Urrrgh… the negatives of being a virtual student.

Thankfully, my neighbor got an update from the power company that service should be back on at 3:30 pm. So, that’s a relief. I’ll be able to get home and make dinner.

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