Corinthians and Enchiladas, after a Long Day

I peep into the oven to see the enchiladas I just made glistening from the glow of the oven light.

I am drinking a glass of layer cake wine as I wait for the enchiladas to finish baking. One of my new favorite wines. The wafts of smoky cheese on top of freshly made enchilada sauce are cheering for me after a long exhausting day.

I think enchiladas are one of my favorite foods.

Yesterday, was Sunday and I went to my churches synod meeting.

Our mass reading, 1 Corinthians:12, yesterday was about how everyone is important and how we should accept others.

The gospels message was describing the body as a metaphor for others. With your eyes you’d be able to see but without your ears you wouldn’t be able to hear. So, as, if the body had a mouth but no tongue it wouldn’t be able to taste.

Because everyone has something to contribute in this world from the smallest baby to the oldest woman and everyone should be included and loved.

Everyone has a purpose like every part of our body.

It was a beautiful comparison and a wonderful reminder that everyone has a place and contribution to this world and we need to be patient and kind to everyone.

It takes a lot of us to make a world.

We must be kind, compassionate and patient to everyone even if we don’t agree with them .

A great reflection for me as I wait for the enchiladas to finish baking.

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