Putting up Vegetables, Catholicism and Relaxing on a Grey Day

I sip Earl Grey tea and think of what a beautiful grey day it is. Pun on the grey.

Yellow juice squirted out of the tomato as I sliced delicately across its belly. I have been putting up a lot of vegetables in our freezer this fall hoping that we will have a healthy veggie filled winter. My gosh, it’s going to be Halloween before we know it. Goodness.

Here’s the tomato soup I’m making tonight.


The sunrise this morning was breath-taking as I prayed over the mass readings today. I don’t have access to going to a mass everyday but I’ve taken up praying over the daily mass readings. I also discovered that you can bless yourself with holy water, yourself, at home. Previously, I had been under the intuition that you could only bless yourself with holy water in a Catholic Church.

Also this morning, in my mass readings I learned that it is Saint Isaac Jogues and Jean de Brebuef and companions Feast day, today.

These saints were the first martyrs of the North American continent. Saint Isaac Jogues had several fingers chewed, burnt and chopped off on his first mission to evangelize. He returned to France, his home. Later deciding that his mission was not done he returned to evangelize and was tomahawked and beheaded.

I only mentioned one of these saints please read more from this detailed article provided by Franciscan Media.

Please read more about these saints here: https://www.franciscanmedia.org/saint-of-the-day/saints-isaac-jogues-jean-de-brebeuf-and-companions

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