The Prairie: Keep Reading

“It’s a good day to stay inside and leave the buffalo alone.”

Sweet Potato, Black Bean and Cumin Tacos

As I crunched into the crunchy cucumber I taste a mix of cumin and paprika. Tonight I had tacos. Taco Friday; I think tacos should be celebrated on more than Tuesday 😉 Here’s my tasty taco recipe: 2 tacos splash of olive oil  1 sweet potatoes black beans dash cumin dash paprika dash salt &…

The Howl

haunting chorus of rage and joy…

Sleepless in Kansas

The train groans on as I swallow another Ibuprofen and pray for sleep. I just counseled on of my friends last night on the importance of getting enough sleep, HA see how that paid off for me! The crickets are playing the violins outside and the night is a sheet of black illuminated by constellations.