Matthew 9:9-13; Desiring mercy

In today’s Gospel, Matthew 9:9-13, we are at Jesus’s knee eating with tax collectors and sinners. He eats with them and the Pharisees question his apostles, asking why he should eat with sinners. Jesus overhears this and says,

Those who are well do not need a physician, but the sick do.
Go and learn the meaning of the words,
I desire mercy, not sacrifice.
I did not come for the righteous but sinners.

So Jesus comes for all of us, sinners. All we have to do is open our hearts and eyes to his miracles. He is calling you and me to step out of our comfort zones and create our own extravagant life.

Today, is the feast of St. Matthew the Apostle. St. Matthew was a Roman tax collector. Roman tax collectors collected Rome’s taxes, which were quite high, and kept half the profits, by trade. Jews considered tax collectors as traitors and thieves, and rightly so. In fact, the Talmud, [the body of Jewish civil and ceremonial law and legend], classified tax collectors as robbers and murderers. Matthew preached among the Jews for 15 years that the anticipated Messiah had come in the person of Jesus.

So the readings fulfill a great message that we all need mercy

This implies the question, what is mercy?

Merriam-Webster defines mercy,
1. Compassion or forbearance shown especially to an offender.
2. A blessing that is an act of divine favor or compassion.

God’s mercy is unexhaustive, goes on forever.
God’s activity, manifests mercy, on behalf of his people, to free them from slavery.

It may seem overwhelming sometime or perhaps like you’re trapped as a sinner doomed for nowhere good. I used to think that way, too. Living life as if everything was against you and not being happy. It’s a struggle to look on the bright side, sometimes. In my perspective, the glass is always half full.

That is where I find the strength I need to seek mercy.

Something to reflect on. I hope your Saturday is as bright as mine.



White Pumpkins and Sipping Gunpowder Tea

I sit drinking a steaming cup of Gunpowder green tea, reflecting on life’s stupendous way of confusing and closing relationships. Reflecting on my childhood and the way it’s shaped my life. The way I’ve grown up and developed as a Child of God. How I am so close to something great yet so far away? In the state of status viatoris. The inherent “not yet.”

My relationships with others are changing as I grow older. People drift in and out of our lives like clouds. But some people are like the sun or moon, always returning. That’s what we’re all looking for in this world somebody to be our sun or moon.

So, my current relationship status is committed and true. My sun and my moon, forever. I don’t have to worry about him leaving me or not forgiving me in my deepest sin. I read his love story and learn from his Book. He has uncovered new worlds for me and opened my eyes to wonderful things. He is my beginning and my ending.

I’ve been reading a book by Rick Warren called The Purpose Driven Life. He relates our life here in this world similar to having a green card. Our life on this Earth is like having a green card. Such a succinct and powerful comparison really makes you think about how you spend your time. The gravity of how everything affects your salvation. It’s really incredible and eye-opening to think about.

I was watching, In Plain Sight, last night and a comment that Raphael said to Mary, that really stuck out to me.

He says:

“Life isn’t short. It’s long and honestly, I don’t know if you love me enough to make this work.”

I think human relationships are like that. Love is soooo powerful and loving someone for life is a challenge in many ways than one. And is it not coincidental that his names Raphael like the Angel. My favorite Guardian Angel, in fact.

In the book, Faith Hope Love, by Josef Pieper, I’m reading, it reflects on love. He reflects that the common element of all the forms of love: approval.

Thomas Aquinas says,

We cannot help desiring felicity.

Another line from Josef Pieper’s book,

Perfection always means transformation as well. Fire as the symbol of love.

So patience, always, is required to love.

The clouds are moving fast today the weather’s changing.

Adieu, for now, my friends!

Pursue what is good and love always.


Josef Pieper and Coffee

The fog spread over the red brick streets like butter. There is an aura of mystery and profound silence greeting the morning. A swallow chimes its song. A small omen to the days beginning.

The air is crisp. The pages ruddy against my hands shifted as I pressed open the pages of my book.The coffee I’m sipping is steaming hot and the warmth against my hands is comforting.
Steaming Hot Guatemalan Coffee

The book that changed my life. The book that redeemed the way I thought about my conscious and saved my wayward thinking about Christianity.

Faith, Hope, Love by Josef Pieper is a riveting theological book that sparks all kinds of curiosity in the Christian mind. We, as Christians are all striving for the ultimate perfection of Heaven. We’re visitors to this life living as we have been called to live out our vocations, our callings. Being a visitor, viatoris, means “to be on the way”. The status viatoris is, then, the condition or state of being on the way.

To be a viator, therefore, is the state of making progress toward eternal happiness. This strikes a profound knock-on what seems the directionless doors of our society. We all strive for direction but it’s just as easy to get lost in the shuffle buried in passion, work, relationships, education, etc.

The way of man leads to death. The antonym of status viatoris is status comprenensoris which describes one that has comprehended, encompassed, arrived, is no longer a viator but a comprehensor. This word was borrowed from St. Paul’s epistles: “Brethren, I do not consider that I have laid hold of [the goal] already” (Phil 3:13)

The state of being on the way is not to be understood in a primary and literal sense as a designation of place. It refers rather to the innermost structure of created nature. It is the inherent “not yet” of the finite being.

So, therefore, the innermost structure would be how we think and what we do. At least that’s how I interpret it. Not a physical state of being but a look at the insides of who we are and where we’re going. It’s quite intense to think about, emphatically perplexing and overwhelming.

Now that the dust has settled from my life. I am able to look around and reflect on where I am and where I want to go. How I can strive for the perfection of heaven in my everyday. How I can help others on their status viatoris.

Where am I on my status viatoris? What am I called to do on my pilgrimage?

We, as Christians are all on a faithful pilgrimage trying to avoid sin and reach Heaven.

Dinner Party Seen from Afar

Eeeeee!! rang out across the dining room where all the guests sat. My foot erects I shift in bed to see the commotion going on. The noise coming from our youngest guest sweet Virginia with her glowing red cheeks like red apples. Soon the guests are assembled in my “bedroom” chattering about how their babies are growing into children.
I cannot believe how much they’ve grown either! Isn’t it a beautiful thing to see children grow.




Children at my preschool



“Children make your life important.”
-Erma Bombeck

Jamima shared with me about her daycare and about her next vacation. I enjoy so much listening to Jamima. I shared with her about my latest scarf knitting conquest and about my next blanket project.


The table was arranged beautifully, thanks to my lovely caring step-mother. Who is my current care-taker, God Bless her! The table is covered with a beautiful golden tablecloth shimmering in the darkness of the night. The porcelain plates are a beautiful white their simplicity stolen by their golden rim that shine against the fluted wine glasses.

Vivaldi’s Spring invigorated the house with a burst of triumphant violin staccato. Two high chairs full and a busy loud dining room is such a wonderful delight.

Wonderful smells wafted from the outside porch as my father brought in a plate of succulent steaks. As I cut into my steak the atmosphere of the room changed as the dessert was revealed. A beautiful three-layered rum spice egg-nog cake appeared. Its decadent layers buttered with a cloak of light whip cream swirled in layers never-ending white.

Food and friends made this party a complete wonder.

What a splendid thing unity is!

Squats. Coffee and Returns.

The wind rapped across my windows as the darkness woke me. My feet met the synthetic rug with hesitation and my head spun to the door. This morning was a great silent beginning. First on my list were my Bible readings and exercise. This morning the first reading was from Galatians. The reading was about conversion. The reading spoke to me in the sense that I was being called to slow down my life. We need to enjoy life’s beginnings and endings, instead of always seeking new beginnings. Not to say that’s a wrong thing. But to be satisfied with what you have and where you are is truly a treasure. Stop and smell the flowers. After reading my mass readings, I went into downward dog. Then lifted my weights. Ha! Maybe when my boo comes home he’ll be impressed with how many grocery bags I can carry ;). As he easily lifts 160 lbs. Among my exercise session is my 100 squat regimen which is coming along just savvy. I’m on day #13 of 30. Also, in my regimen are planks, normal planks and side planks. I really am hoping I can make my legs stronger before I have them up for 2 months after my surgery!
woman exercising bear body of water

Photo by Nathan Cowley on

My coffee this morning was a French Roast from Farm & Vine. Quite tasty I added 1 tsp. of vanilla to my water. The cup was very satisfactory. Thank you Farm & Vine for your great coffee! I am excited for my arch surgery. I feel like it will open so many new doors to me. The surgery itself is very costly and I am so grateful that I am able to have it. Though it is painful, I am enjoying this waiting– painful period– of my life with gratitude for my future. The blessing of being in a town that welcomes you in, is truly a blessing. So much to be thankful for.