Tearing out the Seams

Twwp! Hssh! Twwp!

With my surgery coming up and in my feeble house decorating mode, I had decided that I was going to make an ottoman…

The seams on the curtain wiggle and tore back and forth as I patiently cut them outfit seemed almost like a curtain surgery. Sounds like there’s a joke to be had there but I can’t put my thumb on it.

The below-average ecstatic DIY-er that I am was so confident that I’d have this ottoman down-tap in no time. Little did I know. The project took two days and amassed around 5-6 hours of my time.

Though I am no carpenter, I successfully finished this project. My inspiration came from a Youtube video below.

Can it be done?-How to Make a Cardboard Ottoman

I followed the instructions but my efforts in comparison to above video are… a bit, shall we say, different..? Mine is not nearly as fancy as the one in the video.

Really, looking at it, it’s kind of like a piece of abstract art—Open to interpretation.

Is it a table? Is it a dog bed? gift box?

I plan on storing books in it and then for a foot rest. I have a lot of books and not enough shelf space. Besides, I’ll be moving from this residence soon and it will cut a lot of the book packing hassle, since they’ll already be in a box–ottoman.








A Butterfly Falls

A titan colored butterfly flits across my visage as I throw out my mop water. The butterfly, came to me just as I was giving up hope that I would ever win. The butterfly rose up and around like a dancer. Giving me that bit of enthusiasm to keep about my day. Now, as I type, I am exhausted. Cleaning all day and then walking two miles really takes it outta this girl.


Keeping up with my workout plan I will be doing an ab workout this afternoon. Tonight I will be diving back into a great book my friend gave me called, “Redeployment”, which at first horrified me but now is rather fascinating! It details the life of a deployed soldier and also includes a second narrative told from an Army Chaplain. Which, I learned today is unarmed and has an assistant to protect him. Quite interesting I think.

As I rounded the corner of my old street I breathed in the muggy country air accented by scents of falling crab apples. It was getting later in the day and I was the only one out walking. A spotted terrier leaped across a small yard towards me that was caged in by a fence. A sprawling oak tree stood in front of an abandoned house with white picket fence. The boy who lived their last year was in the kindergarten class I helped teach. The house is for rent now.


My mailbox is white and the mail comes late in the afternoon. I enjoy reading the paper on my walk home. It’s like watching the news. I never had a TV growing up so my imagination is the screen. The mailbox has also been the courier of so many secrets and love letters, it could tell you all about my relationship. I’m just glad it can’t talk!


As I approach the thoroughfare of our little town, I wonder when the leaves will start falling.

With the season’s foliage.

   Everything changes.