Merry of Soul

This morning broke clean and chill over the Kansas hills.

This morning I am listening to Russian soundtracks from Toygar. Which are classical and hauntingly beautiful.

Sura, Toygar

The coffee pot at my house took a turn for the worst so I’ve been enjoying the gifts of my Keurig. Haha, which is quite amazing! I have been drinking the pods called Dark Magic and the Columbian coffee pods.

Green Mountain Coffee Dark Magic

Dark Magic has a deep chocolate undertone that is just a perfect excuse for having chocolate in the morning. It has some flavor notes of smoky cinnamon too.

Dark Columbian Coffee

This is a fantastic roast, that has a really sweet smooth nutty flavor. Though this blend is not as strong as Dark Magic it is an exceptional roast.

I am listening to one of my favorite soundtracks, from Outlander. “The Skye Boat Song”, which historically is completely butchered.

The original song detailed Bonny Prince Charlie’s Escape to the Isle of Skye (Scotland) in Flora McDonald’s boat. Charlie was disguised as a washerwoman.

The Skye Boat Song

I have to hand it to Outlander though. I love the setting and the actors are perfect for their parts–so realistically fantastical, stellar acting.

I think especially that Murtaugh’s character is profound, he is so loyal. Jamie of course is true to his character, a ravishing accent, and his acting is on cue. But honestly, if we’re getting into Outlander, that’s definitely another post.

So be

Merry of soul.

How Not to Make Coffee-

My trials began at 6:01 am, in making Ethiopian coffee started today as I wrangled a ginger root. This darned Ethiopian coffee has me by the neck, I’m telling you!  After slicing a nickel sized sliced of ginger I gingerly dropped it into my pot of boiling water and coffee grounds. Previously, I had added 1 tsp. cinnamon and 1 T cocoa powder. I prefer Dutch cocoa powder, the dark the better! Bringing this all to a rolling boil, I noticed the lights were off. Quite like me, the baker/coffeemaker to instinctively get up and start my morning in the dark. Not a problem as long as everything is in it’s place! As long as I don’t step on that nail. Ha!

Before I begin my coffee recipe let me enliven you with some interesting coffee facts!

*Coffee originated in Ethiopia and spread throughout Arabia to the rest of the world.

the coffee shrub that is dark green has bright red berries.

*In fact, the word coffee is derived from the Kaffa, the name of a southwestern province in Ethiopia.

*Funny Legend says that goatherders first discovered coffee- their curiosity piqued when they noticed the energetic behavior of the goats who grazed on the coffee plants.


Now for the recipe, perhaps your luck in making it will be better than mine!


Ethiopian Coffee (Bunna)

1 c. cold water

6 whole cloves

6 to 12 whole cardamims

1 slice of ginger root

3 heaping tsp finely ground coffee beans

1 Tablespoon sugar


combine all the ingredients in a saucepan and bring just to a boil. Reduce the heat, simmer gently for 5 to 10 minutes, depending on how strong you like your coffee. Strain through a fine-mesh sieve and serve hot.

Additions I made:

1 T. cocoa powder for every 3 T coffee

1/2 tsp. cinnamon for 3 T coffee


So, as noted do not use the additions I made together. If I were making it again I would make sure I had a very fine mesh sieve and use whole cloves not ground cloves, THEY DON’T WORK!  The cocoa powder I think would be good by itself but with the cinnamon I think it was a dead beat. I would add either just the cinnamon or just the cocoa.


The recipe also recommended that you put whipped cream over the coffee. Which would be quiet decadent!


I hope I’ve given you some ethnic coffee enthusiasm for the day.


Huzzah, my friends!


Bom noite!


5:45; Writing and Jam

As the coffee perked out delicious smells wafted upward of cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg, and turmeric. The room was cold, it is 5:45, but I was well equipped with my favorite flannel. The writer’s mind had begun.  My first endeavor, as stated was coffee. Then jam. Thankfully not writer’s jam but this delicious homemade Saskatoon jam my dear friend had given me. Now, I am not one to shy away from “jam judgment”. Sounds like that should be a game show or something.

Anyway, this jam is the Coup De Grâce of jams! The Saskatoon, otherwise known as Service-Berry or June-Berry is one of my favorite berries to pick as well. Quite a tedious task as the berries are quite small and prove a trifle difficult to pick being nestled back in the Saskatoon bush. Quite a trickster these berries are, resembling something of a blueberry someone might categorize them in the same fruit family. However, the Saskatoon is walkin’ its own jam with the Pome family. The apple family that is. The taste profile of these berries begins with a sweet lullaby and ends with a tangy nutty kick. Which makes sense that I like them because I’m kind of a nut myself sometimes.

Unbeknownst to me, the Saskatoon flaunts its flavor packed with a whole gamut of fibers, protein, and antioxidants. Say what??! These berries are my jam, literally and in my tummy, I for sure recommend these sweet little delicacies.

green leafed plant with red fruit
Photo by Irina Iriser on

Below is a recipe for Saskatoon jam:

9 c. of whole Saskatoon berries

Juice and grated peel of one lemon

1/2 c. water

6 c. granulated sugar/ I sometimes decrease this depends on how tart you want it- or add honey for a, I think fresher jam taste

1 package pectin

Crush the berries in a large bowl. Next, pour in water, lemon juice, and pectin. Pour into deep pan and pop on stove set on medium, and keep that hand stirring. When the jam to be, reaches a rolling boil add your sweetener of choice and return to boil. Remember, keep that hand stirring! Boil for 1 minute and “take off the fire”, as my grandma would say (take off the stove.) Ladle the jam into washed and sanitized jars filling till 1/4 inch below the top of the jam jar. Put on the lids and screw on the rounds. Not too tight!

Next, place in canner with one inch of water covering the jar lids. Process jam for 10 minute. Remove canner from heat and gingerly remove jam jar with, I use a jar lifter Ball Jar lifter. Place the jars on a towel, I use Hot Damn It’s Jam Tea TowelI Eat Local Because I can dish Towel. After they are cooled check to see that all of the lids are sealed. If a jar is unsealed you can just pop it in the fridge.

And just because Funny Jam Making Mug

Ahh, sweet jam! And just for a couple jam jokes.

What do you call a group of blueberries playing guitars?

-A jam session

I visited Smucker’s jam factory. They asked me if I had heard of any of the new growing techniques being used to grow berries. I told them that I wasn’t up to date on my currant events.

Quite simply my favorite jam!


It Works Keto Coffee

It Works Keto Coffee seems to have become quite the novelty of recent. The keto diet concentrates on consuming more collagens. I, in fact, know a splash about collagens myself. Collagens are the building blocks of quick fat loss. Here is a video about collagens that I found on youtube.

Buy here: ItWorks Keto Coffee

In previous years I have sold ITWORKS wraps and supplements. The wraps did wonders for a lot of my customers including myself. I noticed increased tension and muscle across my ab and targeted area. This supplement also increased my energy and focus, try this for increased focus: Greens Berry Blend. I drank this daily and noticed increased concentration throughout the day making it easy for me to keep up with my college coursework at the time. And they have these fancy bottles that make preparing your drink not only nutritious but also fun! Fun ItWorks Bottles! So you can Shake, shake, shake… Shake, shake, shake… shake your booty.

Also, ITWORKS is featuring a new product, CollagenWorks, which can be found on the Itworks website: CollagenWorks

There’s also the option of bullet-proof coffee that uses grass-fed butter, collagen protein and MCT oil. Here’s a video on that. Here are the ingredients she uses. Also her blog is super chic: made mom blog

1 cup coffee

1-2 T grassfed butter

1 cinnamon

vanilla stevia sweetener

MCT oil

Collagen protein

This is a cool option for making protein rich coffee as well. And I have to agree with her on her choice of using a Keurig. Gotta say, I was pretty bummed when ours pooped out after 3 years of heavy use. I would say Keurigs are a good investment if your single.

When it comes to hardcore coffee preparation I like to use a pour-over BODUM pour-over 8 cup coffee maker. Here’s what I’d recommend: BODUM pour-over reusable filter This makes a brew that’ll wake ya up for sure!

I’m also very fond of the French Press method of brewing that I also bought from BODUM. This makes a pretty smooth cup of coffee which you can add spices and extracts to.

If you’re craving the smoothest cup of coffee you’ve ever had, I would definitely recommend the simplest preparation method, Cowboy coffee. Cowboy coffee preparation uses nothing more than a pan, spoon, water and coffee grounds. If you want’er put some real cowboy in ther’ you can even wear a cowboy hat! One of my favorites is here: Favorite Cowgirl Hat

So keep your hat on and drink Collagen because ITWORKS!


Dinner Party Seen from Afar

Eeeeee!! rang out across the dining room where all the guests sat. My foot erects I shift in bed to see the commotion going on. The noise coming from our youngest guest sweet Virginia with her glowing red cheeks like red apples. Soon the guests are assembled in my “bedroom” chattering about how their babies are growing into children.
I cannot believe how much they’ve grown either! Isn’t it a beautiful thing to see children grow.



Children at my preschool



“Children make your life important.”
-Erma Bombeck

Jamima shared with me about her daycare and about her next vacation. I enjoy so much listening to Jamima. I shared with her about my latest scarf knitting conquest and about my next blanket project.


The table was arranged beautifully, thanks to my lovely caring step-mother. Who is my current care-taker, God Bless her! The table is covered with a beautiful golden tablecloth shimmering in the darkness of the night. The porcelain plates are a beautiful white their simplicity stolen by their golden rim that shine against the fluted wine glasses.

Vivaldi’s Spring invigorated the house with a burst of triumphant violin staccato. Two high chairs full and a busy loud dining room is such a wonderful delight.

Wonderful smells wafted from the outside porch as my father brought in a plate of succulent steaks. As I cut into my steak the atmosphere of the room changed as the dessert was revealed. A beautiful three-layered rum spice egg-nog cake appeared. Its decadent layers buttered with a cloak of light whip cream swirled in layers never-ending white.

Food and friends made this party a complete wonder.

What a splendid thing unity is!