The 1st Day of the Rest of My Life

The wedding was in the dead of November with the leaves blowing across the cobblestone streets of the little Hallmark town we had chosen to have the ceremony at. I slipped my hand through the wrist loop attached to my dress as my corset was cinched up. Turning around I looked at myself standing on the little child’s stool I had found in the Catechism room I was dressing in.

My friend cinching my corset up

I have ALWAYS dreamt of wearing a corset. And today, one of the most important days of my life I was wearing a corset. I realized later I ate a lot less food with it on… Haha!

I looked at my hair done up in bobby pins and lots of hairspray. I never use hairspray or bobby pins so this whole process was quite… different for me. But I will say the result was BEAUTIFUL!!

I waited anxiously in the Catechism room as I heard my father’s footsteps treading down the hallway. He reached the door and my photographer told him top step in backwards and then wait while she adjust my dress on more time.

Turning, his eyes were surprised and then filled with a tears, as he stepped to take my hand. This was the first mans hand I had held. This time was very emotional for both of us because we had shared a bond I that I’d wager to say was deeper than most father/daughter relationships, being that we had been in the same life-altering car wreck together.

His face, in the moment, is one I will not forget of my father.

This was the first day of the rest of my life married to man of my dreams, kilts and all.

My Larch!

This is a beautiful Larch tree that I found in my neighborhood! It’s so beautiful against the sky. And Lordee me the sky is stunning!

I love how the blues and purples cascade into each other. It’s the perfect montage of colors!

It’s been especially wet and cold these past few days. Every once in awhile I’ve been glancing at the thermostat but have resisted turning on the heat. It’s April for Pete’s sake!

I am almost done with this semester’s psychology courses. Hurrah!!! I’ve decided that I’m treating myself to fresh baked brownies and a mani/pedi after this is all said and done.

Today, my assignment was to read three chapters and write a summary page of two. Oomphf! That’s cramming a lot. And paraphrasing for me is, well, let’s just say, not “in my wheelhouse”.

Well, onward I go back into academics! 😁

Wedding Bliss

A steady breeze comes in as I think about my upcoming wedding and the life after. I am actually pretty confident that I have everything for the wedding mostly planned. What a relief. I keep thinking back to when Kyril and I first messaged each other nearly 5 years ago. Wowzer!

First shots in Sepia!

Times flys.

So, days later, hairstyles later, nail colors later, we are now planning our wedding.

The reception will be held at a Catholic Church and afterwards a fun reception at a historical building.

I’m thrilled!

I’m thinking of having carved out pumpkins as vases for bouquets of carnations and Queen Anne’s Lace.

Similar to this ⬆️

Big lovely cream colored curtains draping from the vaulted ceiling.

I definitely want my entrance into the church to be Pachelbel’s Canon.

Pachelbel’s Canon

We’ve chosen to have round tables. Not exactly sure they’ll be as stately as the one below. So let’s just focus on the tablecloth. I want all unique tablecloths of the same lace/needlework style that I find at thrift stores.

Literally, it’s going to be a ball! . . .

Good thing I’m not knitting. 😂

My fiancé says my puns have 5 degrees of separation. . . Maybe he’s right 😋

And homemade jam as the guest gifts. Which I’ll be making this summer!


Probably raspberry or blackberry jam.

There will be votive candles in pumpkins carved with hearts in the middle.

And votive candles on the guest tables. They’ll set a nice fall tone!

Whether these pictures become fact or fiction I will always know the truest part of a wedding is the ceremony and the uniting of two hearts.

That’s the most important part and I couldn’t be happier with my match! 🥰 ♥️

Enough of the day- Friday Yay!

My hands trace the old Larch tree’s brunch in my yard. It’s a somber old, very old tree. I love that tree. It reminds me of one of my favorite childhood books, The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.

I think there’s quite a mysterious reflection there in trees that we take so for granted. Really if you reflect on Noah’s Arc and how that brought all of the animals and all of Noah’s family. All animals going two by two, and certain animals going seven by seven. The arc was built from wood. Wood brought humanity to life. Wood saved us from the flood. And if you want to go deeper into thinking about wood and the religious history. Which I am. Jesus, our Savior, was crucified on wood to sacrifice and give us life everlasting. That, I had never thought of, in that way. Quite an interesting reflection, I think.

Hurrah for new jobs!! Haha, I am so happy its Saturday evening after a trying week of job interviews I finally scored a great job! Hip-hip-hooray.While my job will be part-time I am hoping to stay on track with my college classes, as well.

In this semester my plan is to accomplish 4 classes successfully. I think my academics are at the front of my agenda, in my life, right now. Even though I have the goal of achieving this degree I am doing my best not to let life slip without smelling the roses. I think that’s something that often people overlook in this life, is just slowing down and enjoying nature and life as it is. Life in progress.

The whole point of growth is “pain” or struggle getting there and once you get there, what then?

You enjoy your accomplishment; but, all the struggle of accomplishing is done.

Why not stop and enjoy the roses of struggle that are planted right in your home, your being, your mind, right now.

Go back to school, go to therapy for your disability, read books to improve your memory. You have endurance, you can achieve your goals.

Maybe, I’m just talking to myself, but I think this could be a sliver of hope for someone else. Maybe just the push they needed to keep persevering, to keep hope in their abilities, to stop and smell the flowers.

Struggle is life and we are all strong enough to fight our own struggles.

Believe in yourself and what you can achieve. You can fight the struggle. You can fight the pain. You can succeed.

Believe you can achieve!

“Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.”

-Saint Catherine of Sienna

Dogman’s Beach- Planning Ensues

A lovely little email popped in this morning from United Airlines:

Airline deal: As low as $50.

Thoughts of Kyril and I’s upcoming honeymoon clouded my head, immediately.

Ahhhh… relaxing on a beach 🏖

We both would like to go to Puerto Rico. I’ve only been once and Kyril hasn’t been at all.

That’s what we’ve decided will be best. We had help deciding this factor based on Alietta Ford’s mail coupon .

My vacation, when I was a child, to Dog-man’s Beach, Puerto Rico was fabulous!

I remember walking along the beach. The sand is so soft to walk barefoot in. One day I mistakenly decided to cover my body completely up in sand, for a photo shot. BAD IDEA. Eek 😬

Though kinda comical for a KS girl to be unaware of sand fleas!!! Yeah, not one of my brighter moments.

( embarassed blush, shoulder shiver)

The photo was great though! 😜

One night, we had a personal chef come to our “vacation home“ and make us rainbow trout and a bread fruit dish. That was awesome!

Bread fruit tastes almost like a mixture between sweet potatoes and corn tortillas. Yeah blan flavor, for sure. Despite this, the chef cooked an incredible dish with it!

Bread fruit

One beautiful day, my family went scuba diving. Totally cool! I’ve never been and currently with my conditions I won’t be able to. Having a VP Shunt requires that you avoid scuba diving, martial arts (I was actually interested in learning Ju-Jitsu, so I guess that’s out), gymnastics and dance, and you’re not gonna believe this one—-GOLF!

So I carry that burden that I can’t dance or play golf. I really don’t give two cents about playing golf though, so that’s good. I am upset to learn that dancing is out. I think I’ll research that more because I REALLY want to dance at my wedding!

Back to beautiful PR…

My family and I also went out to a German restaurant in the main square that was INCREDIBLE!!

Here’s the link:

Casa Bavaria

Also the AVOCADOS.


The avocados in Puerto Rico are HUGE! Like the size of a baby kitten.

Kyril and I have always wanted to go on a cruise. And after doing some research I found a cruise ship leaving from Florida to Puerto Rico. How perfect!

I’m a little tenuous about getting out there on a ship. But I think it will be good for me. Lol I’ll probably pack an extra life-jacket in my bag 😂😂

It’s going to be incredible! Puerto Rico is so beautiful. And the weather there is sooo balmy!

Here’s a good travel guide I’ll be use to plan our trip.