God’s Grace during Breakdown

The day was hot as a steaming cup of Folgers coffee. The Kansas winds were drifting over the plains with a brilliant sun glistening down on the road ahead.

Going home seemed like such a peculiarly since I had been gone so long.

Yesterday, when we started off, we had a truly epic beginning to our road trip back to P.A. Packed to the brim with, in retrospect, too many of the boxes filled with books and bagpipes.

Breaking down at a Casey’s in Chillicothe, MO, just one State over from where we started.

By God’s grace we had the assistance of many passer-by’s to diagnose and get are car to the Walmart across the way.

But just only there as my fiancé had to keep his foot on the accelerator all the way. If the accelerator wasn’t on the car would stop—dead in its tracks. And the car started going hay-wire right around the curb going into the auto part of the Walmart.

But, by the grace of God, the mechanics helped us find the right part and stayed after hours to fix our car. Oh my goodness friends we were feeling so blessed!!

So, down the road we went new battery in tow and an improved air conditioner humming away.

Luckily, we arrived in one piece. Only to find that the garage had already closed and the mechanics were locking up the place for the night.

The mechanic told us where to find the part and said he’d leave the tools out for us. Low and behold though he stated and put our battery back to humming. Thankfully though not literally humming. That was done by the huge canvas bag strapped to the top of the car that made this raspy humming sound all the trip. 😂

The fact that that mechanic stayed overtime to help us was truly Gods hand in our trip.

Wow, folks God is so good!

So, with intact battery, we began again with ,“Snowball” the car, rolling our way across the prairie. With the cold A/C purring away and our favorite broadcast, Dan Bongino playing.

Pushing through MO at a good pace we began to notice the A/C not working as well as it had been.

Then the clock started blinking.

Then, the seatbelt deactivation sign came in as well as the check engine sign.


Thankfully, we were on a highway with a good wide shoulder and we’re able to safely pull off.

So stuck again.

God’s grace helped us then again with the blessing of my fiancé having AAA. With roadside assistance, thank the good Lord.

This is the real crazy part so far. As Kyril was talking in the phone with AAA a car pulled up behind us. I was thinking wow, AAA is fast!

It was a good Christian person stopping in the road to see if we needed help. Folks, this was truly a beautiful time when a stranger and I bent our heads on the side of the highway and prayed for the road ahead and safety on our trip.

As, he’s leaving, a cop pulls up to see what’s wrong. He asks us if we need help too. Then the county sheriff pulls up behind, apparently the first police officer who’d pulled off to help was out of his county. And they both wanted to stay and help. So we had an incredible and funny conversation with the local police sharing a few jokes and chatting it up about sports, recent happenings and life.

It was truly a surreal experience to have so many people come to our aid.

Then the tow truck pulled up and the police officers stayed until the truck was driving away. I have just been so blown away by the generosity we’ve experienced throughout this town.

The tow truck driver took us to the local hotel where we slept very well after a truly exhausting day.

The tow truck driver was so kind he even came into the hotel to make sure we had a room offering in advance that he’d drive us the 20 min down to the other hotel if this one was full. Wow, what charity!

The local repair shop had their hands full this morning but generously took a diagnostic on our car when we showed up. The alternator was shot. So, after a long day hiking up and down the town even crossing a highway to get to where we needed. We found a Casey’s to get some lunch at.

As we were sitting outside enjoying “lunch” and discussing our situation a woman walked up to us to help. She asked us if we needed anything and gave us directions to the nearest food/rest places. Then she went back to her car and we began heading over to where she’d advised us to go. She then jumped out of her car and came up to us handing my fiancé money saying “This will buy you lunch”. This was just such a true act of Christian charity.

We feel so blessed!

Bars. Cars. Catholicism. & UHAUL’s

I’m at my local bar with my fiancé finishing off a Huck-Finn as my fiancé would call it. Good name I think. I think I’ll settle for that it’s a good drink with basil, huckleberry and gin (other secret ingredients too) house secrets, if ya know what I mean. Heehee.

My favorite succulent. Also, a great medication for scrapes or wounds. Good for after waxing too!

There are some succulents and basil at the end of the table that are a bright addition to this bar. This bar is run by an Italian family so no wonder on the basil.

Meanwhile, we just got out car fixed at the local mechanic which was such a blessing so that we didn’t have to travel too far.

Anyhow, I’m thinking’ hard on my fiancé’s next move for teaching. He’s been offered two positions Midwest. So time is ticking.

Since, he’s working for my father, in Kansas. Different place then our now hone in PA. It’s going to put a lot of moving stress on us. We’re going to have to move for his job and we’re going to head back to PA on the 1st of August.


….kind of stressful…

We are so lucky though that he has been offered several Catholic high school theology teacher positions. And is now in a state of discernment.

With everything happening, we’ve kept close to Jesus by keeping up our praying before meals and trying to remember morning prayers. Which had been such a blessing and sweet relief.

Speaking of moving I have been scouting the internet for affordable moving companies. UHAUL, Two Men and & a Truck, Van etc. (or something like that. Anyway, it’s been an interesting process I found some helpful blogs for packing quickly.

I love this moving site, though it’s not one that we’re using. Two Men and a Truck

There rule as a company is to always follow the “grandma rule”. To treat every customer with the same respect you’d show your grandmother. Great advertising let me tell ya!

My favorite coffee shops have books too!

Anyhow. We’re headed to a coffee shop so Kyril can knock out some of his thesis work.

So toodles, friends!

Blessing #8: Finding Happiness through Writing Thank you Cards

Writing thank you cards brings me such joy!

How wonderful it is to send a thank you card to someone. It just brightens my day incredibly when I receive a thank you card in the mail.

It is so wonderful to reach out to someone through letters. I have always been a strong supporter of the hand-written letter and I think in this world, especially, right now, handwritten letters are of such importance. Imagine before the dawn of internet when there wasn’t so much hubbub of the internet.

This is where letters are so important. Letters not only bring joy to others, most of the time.

But they’re definite and unchangeable. A letter is like a timestamp. The only way to change it is to burn it, really.

So, all the thank you cards I’m sending will hopefully not only brighten the recipients day but also keep giving whenever they’re read again.

Letters are absolute. Letters make you think before writing. Letters are hand-crafted and take time.

Our world, especially now, I think, needs hand-crafted letters and thank you cards.

It is so important to show thanks to those who have given us gifts even if it is there time going to a wonderful little coffee shop together. Every gift is a sacrifice from the other person of their time or monetarily.

I am finishing up, writing 20 thank you cards for wedding gifts.

Do you have someone you’ve been meaning to reach out to with either a thank you card or a simple hello card?


My dear readers, it is my greatest pleasure to write to you today and thank you for reading my blog and being such kind supporters and followers.

I am so greatly appreciative, thank you!