Inspiration from Poppins: England

“Anything can happen if you let it.”

This somewhat comical and very inspirational song in Mary Poppins, my favorite Disney movie, though honestly, it’s a tossup with Beauty and the Beast. Mary Poppins is one of my favorite Disney heroines whose lyrics I try to live out. This song is so inspirational and urges you “to reach for the stars.” Everything about this song, I wish to emulate in my own life. “Life is out there so go and get it, grab it by the collar.”

Rivers and Roads: Lincoln

“Rivers and roads till I reach you…”

Rivers and Roads

This seems to be the state I find myself in recently. Being rivers and roads away from the one my heart seeks. Chivalrous and kind like the presidential town’s name where you resides.

Literal Rivers and roads separate us, but more than that. The rivers and roads of different lifestyles and different cultures. An apple picking country girl and a city boy. In the end, though opposites attract.

Despite this distance contingency in our relationship, I find myself quite busy submitting news articles, applications, and resumes. God willing, those will go through. Honestly, I have Pipe dreams of moving somewhere colder, for college at least.

In my free time, I’ve had a steady hand at applying to colleges. And Lord knows, I’ve applied to quite a lot!

At night when I’m nestled under my thick knitted blanket in front of the wood fire, I’ve been thinking how I’d love to learn how to arm knit. The blankets made from arm knitting are quite toasty! And so thick! I’ve heard of some pretty amazing yarn for that too! The giant yarn Merino from Etsy looks amazing, I have my eye on some yarn by ChunkyWoolStudio. Here’s the link for that if you’re a fellow knitter: Chunky Yarn

I just started a new book which makes snuggling up under a hand knit blanket quite cozy! I’m reading, for the second time, Eat. Pray. Love. by Elizabeth Gilbert. I’m trying to read more New York Times BestSeller’s as I’m hoping they’ll rub off on my writing skills. I must say this is a whole different style of what I usually find myself reading.

The opening page strikes me, it says, “Tell the truth, tell the truth, tell the truth.”

This is very much how I live my life. Not to deem myself similar to George Washington who wouldn’t lie about cutting down the cherry trees or anything, but I don’t like to hide my truth’s under a basket.

With, that my good friends, au revoir until we meet again! 🙂





5:45 the Writer Wakes: El Yunque

The cheerful ringing of the chimes outside my door wakes me. Sitting up I yawn languidly and think pleasant thoughts of coffee, scones, and my hike through El Yunque National Forest. It seems ages since I drifted into this memory, floating still in my head like a balloon without a string. It was quite a trek for the condition I was in then, as far as my foot goes. But, a memory that I believe will stand or rather float in my head for quite some time.

The trail ahead of me is uneven. I look to my right as the rain drips over my hat. The sun scatters the path ahead of me, shining through like the sun behind tape art, creating little indistinguishable patches ahead. Birds flutter and monkeys pitch across the rainforest, their sounds, terrifying shrieks, for the unwitting tourist at least.

My foot aches. The path is very uneven at this point. My bunion presses outward as my foot strains onward.

The forest reminds me of one of my favorite poems by Vachel Lyndsay, The Congo. After reading that poem for the first time when I was 12 I became completely entranced by the Congo which lead me to study The Nile. I wrote about it and studied hydrology articles and water levels; water sampling. Hydrology fascinates me. Water is the root of everything. And is so incredibly important to human survival. Anyway, that’s definitely, another blog post…

We make it through the forest, at last, the shining light flickering off of the dripping leaving that shine like tiny mirrors.


Africa: Bringing me Back

“I hear the drums echoing tonight…”

This came on the radio as my brother pulled into my house–my home. My S.O. and sang I sang this song on our way home from our campfire. That song coming over the radio brought me right back to that time. Right back to that night, right back to Amelia Earhart and to the state lake.

We were surrounded by fireflies that masked the night like a thick glowing veil. The cicadas droned on their sounds, like sirens, making the frogs think twice. The air was fresh and damp like a cool dawn. The sky above was black as pitch and the stars bright as diamonds. Which you later plucked from the sky and gave me.

Being the soldier that you are you came with the bare bones for pitching a tent and making Bedouin tea in a kettle we had picked out at the thrift store. An old copper tea pot. If I wasn’t already nonplused you put it right on the fire and in a good half hour we had strong sweet Bedouin tea; that literally was one of the most delicious teas I’ve ever had! We talked some more and ate chocolates.

It was a sweet night that will forever be in my memory. The night I first fell in love beneath the stars.

The moonlit wings reflect the stars that guide us toward salvation.


Trains: Small; Flames of Creativity

Grrrrr. buzzz. boop. The wheels of the bike turned inwards and outwards as I gripped the handlebars for support. My hands released now I am at a quiet place; the train tracks. A long row of pastel colored trains line the track, their work having ceased for the day.


Trains. Trains have carried nations on their back. Trains have hauled wood, iron, ore to build our towns and cities. Trains have created so much magnificence in our world.

The train tracks remind me of so many things. So much history is packed between those rails the sweat and blood of so many hard working humans. The pages and pages of fiction and literature. The songs… One of the good ones; John Henry. The tale of John Henry’s Hammer by Johnny Cash. Paul Bunyan comes to mind as well.


Most of all the train tracks are a quiet place for me to reflect on what’s going on in life. A place that provides space to contemplate on sheer reality. To really ponder what all is going on and how I can improve, if even just a little. Which, honestly is where I find myself. Not moving mountains, or anything grand, but just living small. Which in itself is good.

The train tracks show me how much better I can become. they provide a kind of inspiration for my dreams sparked with flames of creativity.



In Retrospect-Veni. Vidi. Vici

I stared at the folded flannel you’d left tucked under my pillow and my body shook with tears.

My family and I had dropped you off at the hotel closest to the airport hours ago. I had cried the whole way home. When you had kissed me that last time you left me a promise you’d be home. I didn’t wash the flannel for days because it was the last scent I had of you. Scents calm the weary heart.

Our love story started on April 1st. The evening was hazy and held an air of promise. My love would finally walk into my heart. We met on his birthday. Previously, I had planned it all ahead, candles and homemade cake. The cake was a fabulous three-layer chocolate cake. The room was growing golden in the hazy sunset as you rapped on my front door. Little did you know that indeed that door was not in use. Your muscular silhouette outlined my door as a grasped the knob with the excitement of a teenage girl at prom.  How your eyes reflected light with a color like the sea on a rainy day.

The next months I spent with you were like a new horizon to my life. You had opened up new pathways for me by believing in me. You gave me a new way of thinking. I learned what MMA fighting was. I went to my first shooting range and actually shot a gun. We had coffee at my favorite coffee shop.

We loved like crazy for those months. Learning about each other. Carving out our pasts and our dreams to each other, like a finely carved wooden chair. One night when we were watching a historical Polish war film it started pouring cats and dogs outside. A thick web of angels tears streaked my windows. And you had left your truck windows down. So, racing outside in your yellow windbreaker, looking like a fisherman out to sea, you cranked your window handles up and raced back.

You started packing two weeks before you left. Each night you left my house a little later. Spending those last nights together we kindled our love. A love like the light in the tabernacle, always burning.

Throughout the days after you left the angel tears streaking my window soon streaked my face. The strength I gained from your belief in me has just intensified as I’ve learned to spread my wings and fly alone. That’s all I can do just believe you’ll be back.

After a week of slow mourning I began picking up old hobbies that I had shoved under the rug. water coloring, crocheting and writing poetry. I picked a walking trail around town I walk nearly everyday. His absence had left my heart withered but I found the path back to my life before him. It is hard I won’t say its not but you just have to pick yourself up and start over–alone. All alone, you have to find you path, your direction.

Honestly, from my experience, deployment is the biggest struggle you’ll probably ever face. But then you realize its slipping through your calendar like the sand slipping through your fingers.

Making goals for yourself to bloom spiritually, mentally and physically have been the threshold of my growth. Joining support groups on social media has helped with the stress of him being gone. I read other women’s stories of their triumphs and struggles during deployments. We all support each other and it gets more bearable.

I have began working out and literally molding myself into a lean and healthier person. I was shooting for 6-packs but I’m not sure that’s going to happen. I have always wanted six packs if only for a week that would be amazing!

As mentioned previously in my blog I want to visit Vermont and begin my travel blogging career there. I also want to move into my own apartment and get a puppy. My academic pursuits have been successful with the completion of my associate’s degree. Soon I will begin the pursuit of my bachelors degree.

Spiritually I am striving to be better, I’m by no means perfect but better. The Lord has given me more than I deserve and I am forever thankful for that. Every morning I try to read the Bible, which has been a great comfort for my soul. This time away from my love has only strengthened my cardinal virtues, such as patience and fortitude. With so little communication our relationship demands an equivocal amount of patience, certainty with speech and endurance.


This is a bit of my journey so far on the long road of deployment. I hope if my readers are experiencing deployment woes they can find some comfort or at least consolation in this post. For now my readers have a blessed day and keep believing that everything will be ok in the end.