The Simple Beauty of Nature

As I stepped through the knee-high green grasses I breathed in the fresh air. It was cleansing as if giving the prairie a new birth. My father often says that the prairie changes her dresses for every season. The prairie is changing her dresses.

The fresh air streamed against the hanging white sheets billowing in the wind. The clothespins hanging them securely as if they knew the winds plan. The wind acts as a guide pushing us into the uncertain path stretched before us—life.

Life as we’ve known it. Our own traditions and preferences etched so carefully into our days.


Watering flats in the hoop house


My life has been dappled with hard work and persistence. Honestly, I’ve had my nose to the ground getting all my various documents to my transfer college. I’ve also been assigned a new article to cover that is really got me on edge. It’s about a business. And not just any business but my family business. So that’s a tad stressful.

Not your Average Farm Girl

As one can expect my nails, nowadays, have to be washed really well, when I’m done working!

The plants are growing really well in the house. The house that we start our seeds in is called the nursery house. Oh oops, that’s my bike in the background. Since my surgery, I’ve just had it in the hoop house on my trainer.

Speaking of exercise, let me tell you! Just yesterday I walked 9000 steps! And I have been keeping up with my ab and arm workouts. Seriously considering buying heavier weights. Which for me and my recovery is crazy amazing! I was excited at least.

So, to celebrate that and Friday night… haha, that’s a joke, Friday night is just another night here, just like any other.

To celebrate though, I treated myself to Amazon Prime video… and YES! A romance 🙂 Which honestly Prime is gonna have to pick up its step on their romance offerings, let me tell ya. It was called “A Little Bit of Heaven.” A serious tear jerker make sure you have a kleenex box handy.

And you know movies kinda call for a snack or dessert of some kind. But ya know a girl doesn’t want to feel too bad about eating somethin’ sweet. The whole terms “guiltless” or “healthy” seems to find its way into my recipe search constantly. Bahaha, I can’t say that some of my chocolate desserts have some pretty crazy ingredients in them!

So I made, Healthy Chocolate Mug Cake

The sun is streaming down outside and my college acceptance letter is waiting for me in the mailbox. I must tarry my friends, for now enjoy the summer’s coming and live BOLDLY

The wind is bristling the pines outside and farm work calls me.


Hope you’re day is going splendidly!





Nature Swallows the Fog

The fog swallows the prairie. The glistening waters of the pond reflect a dull hue. A flock of geese drone a lonely song. As the cows bellow faintly in the distance. A dozen deer prance over the hill their image erased in fog.

Cars come and the whole mystique of the prairie washes away with the coming Industrial Age, hardening the wild prairie. Robbing nature of its habitat.