The Pressing Solitude of Decisions

A decision pressed closely against the glass Reverberates a prism of thought Of connection. Of dissonance. A decision of solitude. A decision of birth or denial. A decision pressed closely against the glass Strains its ugly ear to find you. Strains into your deepest thoughts. Listening, pressing close. Making a crowd or closing in solitude.Continue reading “The Pressing Solitude of Decisions”

5:45 the Writer Wakes: El Yunque

The cheerful ringing of the chimes outside my door wakes me. Sitting up I yawn languidly and think pleasant thoughts of coffee, scones, and my hike through El Yunque National Forest. It seems ages since I drifted into this memory, floating still in my head like a balloon without a string. It was quite a trekContinue reading “5:45 the Writer Wakes: El Yunque”

Poetry: We Suffer an Unquenchable

Come back home to the peace I know we’ll find. A peace for both our hearts To sign. Your curious smile flickers across my dark day.   Your smile lights up these blustery cold days. My skin longs for your touch. My eyes for your being. My ears for your voice. My whole body forContinue reading “Poetry: We Suffer an Unquenchable”