Killing Dreary Winter Days with XHIT and Veggies!

Thank you so much for the XHIT workouts posted on youtube. Let me tell you I LOVE THEM! I’ve been killing it recently with their ab workouts, most of which I can do as they don’t require my feet. Ha, that is still QUITE  an ordeal. though yesterday I was so elated to finally meet my goal of 3,000 steps! Which all-in-all isn’t that much but let me tell you for someone with a walking cast two inches higher than their normal foot, it is quite something!

Eat Healthy. Drink Water. Don’t be a succulent.

With my workouts, I’ve been tidying up my diet and eating habits. I’m working towards cutting out processed foods, which let me tell you is no small feat! Good gravy! It has taken quite a bit of creativity to pull off!


So here was my lunch today,



Here’s how I made it.

Veggie Omeletada!

Because -ada is an amazing ending for any amazing food!


1/2 Red pepper

Red onion




2 eggs

Splash of milk


In a small bowl whip your eggs and milk together. Next, pour mixture into a sauce pan-omelet pan, and cook until the spatula can slide under without the eggs. The top of the eggs should be slightly bubbled over in some places and be glassy yellow. Now, after chopping all the vegetables add in a layer across one side of the eggs, wait 1 minute and then flip the other side. The omelet-ada is complete!

Magnifico! you will have a wonderful protein healthy lunch or dinner to enjoy.





You Scream, I Scream, We all Scream for Ice Cream!

The smell of icecream wafted from my oven as white crystals formed on my windows. The kitchen was toasty despite the frigid weather. Today, as my dad would say, is a good day to stay in the wigwam and leave the buffalo alone. My thoughts precisely. As, I was describing my baking ventures today I made none other than an ice cream bread loaf! With the full nine yards of colored sprinkles, I do think that it adds a bit of color to such a dreary day. This is what the weather outside looks like!


So the oven was heated up and a happy glow came from the kitchen as I mixed my ingredients for ice cream bread. Though honestly, it’s fun-fetti bread to me. What happy colors to sprinkle into so dreary of a day! I can be quite the bold baker when I put my mind to it.

Quite a dreary day!

Not for the joyful baker though, this morning I made fun-fetti ice cream bread!


Follow my recipe here:


Fun-fetti Ice cream Bread

ice cream bread

You scream! I scream! We all scream for ice cream bread! ….

Wait… that doesn’t sound right. Bread and ice cream?!! Yes, you heard me right my dear friend’s ice cream bread. Deliciously satisfying your sweet tooth and definitely meeting two different food groups ;).

Haha! Let’s just say wheats and sweets!


2 c. of birthday cake ice cream (you can use any kind of ice cream just not dairy free!)

1 1/2 c. self-rising flour


Mix these together. Trust me it takes some real gusto to mix these! I recommend microwave the ice cream for 10 seconds. It is much more pliable then. Mix until thoroughly incorporated.

Now comes the fun part!!



Add these if your feeling colorful.

more sprinkles…

mini chocolate chips (if you don’t have mini I recommend dicing up the chocolate chips)

Chips. chips. and more chips!



Thick Snow and Flannel

As I rolled over to look at my clock the chilly morning fell upon the house. The dawn came like a newlywed bride timidly awaiting her guests at the reception. The morning snowfalls listlessly surrounding the orchards stubble and the trees are cloaked like angels.

The chilly weather called for flannel, not just any flannel but blue flannel suits the weather I think. Vermont Flannel Company makes some amazing flannels!

The morning began with an intense ab workout and two cups of Guatemalan coffee. Hehe, Guatemalan coffee is quite good. And to shake up my breakfast routine with avocado toast! Then I did an ab workout that felt amazing and I’m seeing some great progress as far as that goes. Besides feeling amazing!

It’s a nice distraction to be fit. From the solitude of where I live. Distractions are good in my case. But I pick and choose wisely. Your health is everything and it’s important for me to keep the temple God has blessed me with as good and fit as I can.

Charcoal Thoughts

Abstract Face- Charcoal Thoughts

This morning I read some Irish and Scottish poetry. One of these poems by Thomas Parnell, The Hermit, The Night-Piece on Death, and The Small Silver-Colored BookWorm. Parnell uses one of my favorite literary terms, personification a lot. Reading poetry has always been an escape for me. It creates a different landscape to immerse myself in. A beautiful escape from your normal day-to-day life. And the most amazing thing is you can travel to another country or even another century or era! The language based on the poet’s time or persona can be so personal and even private to the reader. Poetry is emotional expressionism or even a description in verse.

Parnell interestingly enough was a Reverend, husband, and father. Though sadly his kin all died before him. He was an Anglo-Irish poet AND UNBENONCED TO ME was FRIENDS with one of my favorite writer’s, Swift, Gulliver’s Travels. 

If you haven’t read Gulliver’s Travels and you like imaginative tales, it is quite the read! About a man who becomes trapped on an island and pinned down and surrounded by little people! Definitely sure to give your imagination a workout.

I’m still on the college bandwagon, which honestly is quite unnerving! But, anyhow, hopefully, at any rate, it will come in handy, when the time comes, God-willing that time comes ;). Hope will carry us through.

I hope my poetry musings proved enlightening to your day.

Que Sera Sera!




Blazing Heat of Summer and Black Coffee Philosophy

As the coffee perks, I am swallowed in music. The banjo, my favorite stringed instrument strums across the bright kitchen. The echoed picking gets me to thinking about how our lives echo across the fine line of existence. How every decision we make is shattered into our livelihood and shapes us into our own unique individuals. Carved from the roots of our birth, we must find our own way. Like a ship sailing the ragged sea of life with all its dangers and precautions, we must stand fast at the wheel and follow our compass.

It’s majestic outside the snow veiling the ground but bitterly cold. Perfect for coffee AND researching. I’m working on an article about the Pawnee Indians that were indigenous to my area. Sadly enough I see the current political climate of the United States in rather the same light. Immigrants who’ve called America their home pushed out. Atrociously sad.

Spices blending and percolating in the filter slip into the pot, like late party guests slipping in quietly, unnoticed. The wind bouts the house as the tree limbs shake above like marionettes, the wind their puppeteer. The clouds, framed by the hills, stoop and scoot along the highest limbs, pretending to be foliage. But alas, the dead of winter freezes everything in its chilled and mesmerizing trance.

As I gingerly sip steaming coffee I philosophize about the summer. The sun coming in blazing and the hills covered in green followed effortlessly by its breaking and scattering across the hills, slowly extinguished in the black velvet night. This black velvet night adorned by the diamonds of the sky every star lighting just enough space to the next, as if in communication. The stars communicating with one another, like every person in our country, free to raise their voice and be heard. So be a star and raise your voice.

That’s how I imagine summer; coming in on the thrusts of natures finest, on the voices of the brave.

Hopefully, by summer, I will have completed a couple more short stories. I finally got up the courage, when I was completely bedridden, to publish two short stories on Amazon. I had to muster up a lot of courage to publish those. Courage is a hard thing to achieve but I’m so glad I published. Even if no one reads my works, at least I’ll have done it and it will go down in history; hehe maybe not a very long history, but wishful thinking, you know ;).

Wishful thinking is like black coffee it gets me up in the morning.

Hope your day is studded with awesomeness, you’re amazing, be brave and you WILL conquer.


-Smiling Coffee Cup


A Pirate’s Life for Me!- What Workouts to do One-Legged

As I find myself quite ill-equipped to do workouts with one leg, I would like to share with you some that quite adequately suit the pirate-life, I find myself currently disposed to. So, speaking pirate to pirate, I will give you the “guidelines” (Pirate’s of the Carribean, anyone?). As, I’m sure you would assume, dear reader, it is quite a deal-breaker for the casted leg(s). However, fortuitously, this injury may give your arms and abs, a leg up (pun intended).

white and black moon with black skies and body of water photography during night time


Along with working out, I eat a lot of fruits and veggies. Since I live so far out in the boondocks it’s quite a bit easier not to indulge in fast-food. If you’ve followed my previous posts I have shared a jolly good number of my favorite Nutri-bullet recipes. Which, I like having either before breakfast or as a protein pick-up after a workout. I’m a huge Pop-eye, tying into our pirate scheme when it comes to smoothies, which is quite fortunate being that we have a hoop house full of kale and spinach. Lots of iron and magnesium!

I also enjoy giving my Nutri-bullet a taste of delicious fruits. Quite a treat, let me tell you I have found the Pumba of fruit smoothies. I use turmeric and cinnamon that have gut healthy anti-inflammatory compounds and boosts your brain power. Perhaps a bit of a shock to your “normal” herb drawer, but, I daresay a magnificent one, at that! Here’s my recipe to cleanse your palate.


Spicy Peach Smoothie



3 ice cubes


spinach or kale




Add all the ingredients to your Nutri-bullet except the honey, blend until smooth. Next, dip a swath your spoon across the honey gathering up quite a bit stir into smoothie gently. Then return mixture onto Nutri-bullet and blend. This should leave you with a smooth spicy peach smoothie. Delightfully, rich and fit for a king, if I do say so myself.