#1: Trains and Tracks; More than Just That

Trains have become a real symbolic metaphor for me. A train can take you from town to town, state to state, or country to country. Even underwater. They travel hundreds to thousands of miles climbing through mountains and sailing across long endless flat lands or even across the English Channel.

Wood burning or coal rains have become a thing of the past and most have switched to electric three rail trains. Efficiency has triumphed.

So trains have become more efficient. This is true of many things today; no surprise, the world has become a very fast-paced place.

And, dare I say, too fast.

I remember when I was a child traveling to Colorado Springs on an overnight train. I just remember flickers of that trip. It seems my memory of, before the wreck, is similar to a candle, sometimes flickering in so vividly I can almost remember the feel of the train jolting and the fascination I had prancing through the cars.

Then I remember the heat rising from the Springs.

It was a beautiful trip!



This might be odd but I’ve always had this deep fascination with coffee. Growing up on a farm I grew up learning how fruits and veggies came from the dirt. And let’s just say I developed a bit of a green thumb from the whole thing.

I have become very intrigued with the different varieties of coffees and different regions, etc. I enjoy making coffee for others and if you’ve read my blog know that I am ever developing my coffee craft with different variations and brewing techniques. Being a home barista has given me such joy. I’ve always dreampt of being a barista at an actual coffee shop.

And today I did it! I had applied at a new startup coffee shop in a little town near me and I got a barista position! The owners of the shop are super kind too. It’s a family run business which adds to the small town charm.

I’m completely in love with the new space they’ve renovated. Its snappy and chic. They also offered me a latte there… OMGoodness, mind blowing! Let me tell you. A Guatamelan roast that has a rich chocolatey overtone with a hazelnut base. That’s how I would describe it at least. (Red face) I dont want to sound overzealous or anything.

I’m a huge coffee fanatic though. I am so blessed that I was hired at this coffee shop. Thank you Lord for giving me employment.

God is great.

Stretching of Four Feet Deep- a poem

Roots spring deep from her up tight form.

That catches Dark Shadows

Stretching along the mossy rift

Echoing her former life.

Stretching throughout the nearby village.

Her arms have held many babies.

Sighing her arms have grown weary.

The Spring brings children

To her side to play.

Grow and blossom.

Into strong roots that add to hers.

Buried four feet deep.

Held Together with Some Cawter Pins

“Held Together with Some Cawter Pins” is a line from I think one of the funniest songs I’ve heard by Susan Warren. I have a first rate experience with cawter pins, any surprise?

Its called “City Kids.” While I think this song is beyond funny it uses hyperbole in comparing city kids and country kids.

Now that I find myself living in a “city” (cough,cough) country town, very small but bigger than the country (thank goodness there’s a library:). This song is still a harbinger to my existence.

My new town also has a park and absolutely no means of public transportation or jobs (slight eyeroll). But should this be as a surprise, haha? It’s not like I’m in Cincinnati or Des Moines.

So I’m at it again seeking out remote positions. Ha, what a lark that is.

Thankfully there’s a remote worker consultant in my area for workers looking for jobs. I am so thankful for this as who knows what kind of traveling and malarkey I’ll get myself into in the future.

I’m interested in improving my freelance writing. Which in itself is quite a battle that I’ve been a veteran in for quite too many years. And of which, admittedly, I haven’t figured out.

Nonetheless, I am very happy with my new residence which provides quite the multitude of opportunities to cook and clean, house maintenance, freelancing. Yes, I have become something of a Rosie the Riveter. Though thank goodness my man is not overseas fighting. WWII has been reported as one of the bloodiest times recorded in history. Sorry, little side tangent there. History is fascinating.

Since I’ve lived here I’ve been biking quite a bit more as the pavement is much better than gravel roads. My bike is a bit of a mess honestly. It could use a little TLC at this point. Ack! Yet another goal of mine to learn how to fix bikes. Which is quite a good trade to learn in the country.

For now I suppose I’ll just use cawter pins to hold it together…

Cheers to my friends and followers!



An Orchestra with Tambourines

The light caught in between catches me as I strain to hear. I’m hearing the sighs of the house’s creaking. I’m reading nature’s blows against the houses west gable. I’m reading the wind whistling through the branches. The creaking of the medicine cabinet a flight down from me startles nature’s orchestra.

The wind groans on as if it were slightly irritated by the conventional noise. Isn’t it so? In life, I believe we all have our own separate “orchestra.”

Nuisances disrupt the personal orchestra of our lives. This orchestra, we’ve already planned and written, thinking, “Oh, what a delight it will be to accomplish this and how doing this and that will benefit me.”

Then nature comes.

This life is an orchestra, which, I feel, we are not conducting, but mere instruments. Nature and God are the conductors. We play the symphony as instruments.

Instruments that play loudly life’s wild rapid tune.