Friends of KS Reunion

The rain shimmers down the gutter as I leisurely lift my cup to my lips slowly sipping my coffee as I wonder what this summer will bring.

What a wonderful time of year on the Kansas prairie.

I was elated to meet with one of my closest friends this morning for coffee and see all three of her children. What a joy! I was able to hold her second youngest who, in fact, I was the first to hold at the hospital after mom and dad, of course. So it made that doubly joyful!

This friend, in fact, moved several states over to KS after working one summer and falling in love with the farm. Meanwhile, getting married and having several children! Wow, I held her teeny-tiny baby too. She is such a wonderful friend!

We had a good long conversation about ourselves and how our personal lives were as well as dappling in politics and world events. We talked especially about how life was changing so break-neckingly fast under the Biden administration.

On a lighter side we also talked about working out and staying fit which is a goal for the both of us. I have been, recently getting back into the swing of ab workouts, which makes my body feel better and stronger. My friend having just had a baby still is limited to only walking for a couple weeks more. Since, I left my bike in PA I guess I’m somewhat limited to walking as well. :/

And to my surprise and joy, she told me that my bridesmaids had planned a bachelorette party for me! Wow, I am so excited!

I am ahead of schedule for my Child Psychology class and working on submitting and ardently studying all my materials. And looking forward to a trip to the city soon. What a lark! I’ll be helping transport asparagus to one of my dad’s buyers.

Meanwhile, while we’re in the city we’ll be picking up a bagpipe reed that my fiancé needs for a talent show in my little town!

I also just properly identified that this part of the bagpipe is called a GOOSE! The bag is leather and the rest is wood.

The town will be so surprised I think!

Work Day Workout

This morning I got up and said my reflections before daybreak. Sipping my coffee watching the rising sun I thought what a beautiful day! Thank God. He makes my days easy. And keeps my nights holy rest.

After my morning reflection and reading I did my workouts. Which made my day go so much better and less painful.

I had coffee and a late breakfast with one of my dear friends who truly is quite enjoyable company!

My workday was amazing I ran the cashier which is digital and a little tricky to figure out but I’m getting it. I love my work! Serving others is a true blessing.

After work I stopped by the church on my walk home. It was locked but the grotto is a beautiful place to pray as well.

Then three more blocks home and a hungry stomach. Quick to fix. I heated up my cast iron and fixed a chicken rice pepper stirfry a great healthy lunch with a fresh banana. Mmmm.

My life is changing for Christ. I’m working on improving spiritually in my current vocation of singleness. Preparing my heart for my maker and hopefully eventually a spouse. But we’ll see. Time has a way of making decisions.

And God will determine my path.

Diversion through Workouts

“A Hundred Bad days…I ain’t scared…”

This is exactly what workouts give me. Strength and diversion to defeat my fear and my bad days. It’s like for the time of my workout I’m transported to another time and place. I guess a workout is just such a diversion to normal thinking. It just is really amazing to be pushing yourself to your max. Which, for me isn’t far…haha.

through all the bad days I have a workout always brings me around. When your lifting or doing ab workouts your just one. It’s an amazing natural feeling like your stretching your body out and feeling your muscles striating like a ladder extending up to a tree.

My favorite workouts focus on abs, arms, and stretching. Though I have to say I really enjoy cardio too!

And what’s a workout without good music. Spotify has amazing workout playlists. Here’s the playlist I made for my workouts:

A couple of months ago I subscribed to Fabletics, though I don’t still have it, its was amazing! Fabletics sells workout clothes, like trendy leggings, sports bras, and activewear. And right now, Fabletics is having an amazing sale, 2 leggings for $24 if you become a VIP member. Which, is a pretty amazing deal! And there are some serious perks to becoming a VIP.

Healthy snacks are a must too. These are some of my favorite post-workout snacks.

  1. Cashews
  2. An apple (I like cutting mine up and dipping it in peanut butter
  3. banana and peanut butter on whole wheat toast
  4. avocado smoothie with cocoa (I enjoy the bitter taste of Dutch cocoa) and honey

Also, drinking lots more water definitely is a must for working out, oh goodness.

So, don’t have a Bad day do a workout and find YOUR OWN strength!

The Simple Beauty of Nature

As I stepped through the knee-high green grasses I breathed in the fresh air. It was cleansing as if giving the prairie a new birth. My father often says that the prairie changes her dresses for every season. The prairie is changing her dresses.

The fresh air streamed against the hanging white sheets billowing in the wind. The clothespins hanging them securely as if they knew the winds plan. The wind acts as a guide pushing us into the uncertain path stretched before us—life.

Life as we’ve known it. Our own traditions and preferences etched so carefully into our days.



Watering flats in the hoop house


My life has been dappled with hard work and persistence. Honestly, I’ve had my nose to the ground getting all my various documents to my transfer college. I’ve also been assigned a new article to cover that is really got me on edge. It’s about a business. And not just any business but my family business. So that’s a tad stressful.


Not your Average Farm Girl

As one can expect my nails, nowadays, have to be washed really well, when I’m done working!

The plants are growing really well in the house. The house that we start our seeds in is called the nursery house. Oh oops, that’s my bike in the background. Since my surgery, I’ve just had it in the hoop house on my trainer.

Speaking of exercise, let me tell you! Just yesterday I walked 9000 steps! And I have been keeping up with my ab and arm workouts. Seriously considering buying heavier weights. Which for me and my recovery is crazy amazing! I was excited at least.

So, to celebrate that and Friday night… haha, that’s a joke, Friday night is just another night here, just like any other.

To celebrate though, I treated myself to Amazon Prime video… and YES! A romance 🙂 Which honestly Prime is gonna have to pick up its step on their romance offerings, let me tell ya. It was called “A Little Bit of Heaven.” A serious tear jerker make sure you have a kleenex box handy.

And you know movies kinda call for a snack or dessert of some kind. But ya know a girl doesn’t want to feel too bad about eating somethin’ sweet. The whole terms “guiltless” or “healthy” seems to find its way into my recipe search constantly. Bahaha, I can’t say that some of my chocolate desserts have some pretty crazy ingredients in them!

So I made, Healthy Chocolate Mug Cake

The sun is streaming down outside and my college acceptance letter is waiting for me in the mailbox. I must tarry my friends, for now enjoy the summer’s coming and live BOLDLY

The wind is bristling the pines outside and farm work calls me.



Hope you’re day is going splendidly!





Rain, Rain, Go Away

“Rain, rain go away come again another day.”

This was a song that my chums and I would sing on the playground as the rain slid down our noses. When I was a child I loved playing in the rain. It is such a freeing feeling to have water trickling down your arms and neck. I always felt like rain were angels tears or something quite heavenly, a little taste of heaven, dropping down. Rain somehow makes it easier to think, to ponder what has been and could be.

My XHIT workout was a great beginning to my humpday! This morning I tried some new XHIT workouts. This workout can be done several times throughout the day. A great way to stretch and strengthen those abs. I’m a hug fan of flutter kicks!

As my cursor roamed around the internet this morning I found a new little website that pays freelance writers called, this site pays you to write 2000 word articles on cooking and pays +$100 and up! Being a rainy day, what a great way to make a little side income seems pretty awesome.
Recently, I’ve been reading, “Turn your computer into a Money Making Machine in 2019: How to Make Money from Home.” There’s a lot of good pointers in here, I applaud the author, Avery Breyer, she has written multiple books about making money, available on Amazon.

Another great thing to do on rainy days is to take an EdX class. I am totally an Edx nerd. The beauty of the Edx website is they offer all these courses taught from top-ranking universities that you can audit or take for a very reduced price. If you do pay for a course this can be applied toward your college degree. YEP! you heard me you can take a class for $60 and have it as credit for your college degree.
Rainy day madness, why don’t you update your Linkedin profile, too! Remember to attach any publishments you’ve written. It’s so easy to just attach a PDF to your profile, easy-peasy. Make sure make a succinct detailed resume on Linkedin. It’s can be kind of tricky to piece everything together.
If you need a stress breaker on a rainy day like this grab a hot beverage, my current favorite, is a milk tea. The recipe is quite simple and doesn’t use any exotic ingredients if you find yourself quite far from a grocery store.

Try it out on a rainy day with a good book or good video series.


Small Workout Spinach: Gains

Munching on my fresh spinach blueberry salad I ponder the lyrics “I’m goin’ back to the earth.” Mraz really exemplifies a way of thinking that I quite agree with. Honestly, I think that everyone could gain something from these lyrics.

Mraz, encourages listeners to “turn off your phone.” This is such succinct advice yet in today’s life may seem almost unthinkable. With the thought that people need you, so I need to stay connected.
interesting, I have to agree with his point.

Quite a rip-roaring workout session. My focus today was arms, butt, and my favorite abs. It’s nice to get back into the groove of working out. This is the longest workout I’ve accomplished since my surgery.


XHIT is always on my go-to morning workout routine.

             I do think that working out is like hitting the refresh button.

Here are my top XHIT workouts: