Hi! I’m Maggie Kuhn


Notably named after another Maggie Kuhn who was also an activist and eerily enough died the same year I was born. I, however, am quite a different kind of activist than she was. 

I am a reader of good books, TBI survivor, Pro-life activist, Anti-porn activist, enjoy strong coffee, and a good books. I am everything but conventional and prefer being the artsy recluse and prefer small crowds. On weekends you can find me thrifting and DIYing the “next cute thing” or hanging out at home. I like soft slippers, furry puppies, and good conversation.

By reading my blog you will be inspired to live a bright and beautiful life. I hope, also, to give you some great recipes, thoughtful reads, and a whole bunch of puns.

           Other posts will be starkly serious as that is how I am about issues regarding religion, life, respect, justice, and morals. Be prepared to think and explicate 🙂






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