A Day in the Life

Swollen raisins hide in my oatmeal like pigs hiding from slaughter. The oatmeal was a last resort for slow-cooker breakfast magic. Yeah, it didn’t turn out so well. I ran out of cinnamon which probably would have been a pivotal factor in taste. If nothing the plump raisins are fun to look at!

Last night, I slept really well. Going to bed early has been so enjoyable of recent. My love has a different time zone but his day matches up with my day now. Hurrah! So, I’m seeing him a little more, which I am so thankful for.

This morning I picked up the Good Book again, thank goodness. The Laudate app is such a wonderful app to get my day started with. Today, I read one of my favorites according to Matthew 20:1. The story is about the laborers who work full days as opposed to half days and how the “boss” pays both the same. The last line really resonates with me: “Thus the last will be first, and the first will be last.” This verse is really easy to forget in our hectic lives. I love starting my day with that.

I have a big day at work of refills. Oh joy!

Working has been a huge fulfillment and blessing for me. I now have structured days that aren’t so higgledy-piggedly. I have a responsibility that I have to meet which gives me a lot of respect for what I’m doing. Whatever, kind of work it is I feel that it is pivotal to fulfillment and commendable for the human person to be employed.

In fact, that is one of my favorite things; to hunt for employment. I enjoy finding and helping my friends with new jobs. I have found that networking is essential to finding jobs and direct communication is a must. My mom has taught me that physically going somewhere leaves a much deeper impression than just a phone call or digital application. Though it’s a sound option to venture after a 9-5 job the thrill of finding writing gigs I think is far more exciting!


My dad has greatly influenced my passion for becoming an entrepreneur. He is a fruit and vegetable costermonger and sells everything from canary melons to giant pumpkins. What I love about the family farm is its main draw is its uniqueness. I truly believe that if you have a product that makes an impression on people it will sell. So… my dads an entrepreneur-farmer.


My take on becoming an entrepreneur is quite different than my dads as I want to be a writer. Which in my part of the country some would pity. The pity doesn’t bother me so much as the lack of enthusiasm for the writing business, especially paper newspapers. I have been a freelancer/reporter for the newspaper for roundabouts a year and I’ll tell ya, people who have time to read print newspapers nowadays are few and far between. I also publish to an online newspaper that runs once weekly.

I love this verse!

I love reading as well, which has greatly helped me in achieving my writing feats in blogging and publication. The classics peak my interest as they are classics and I think have human morality and truth wrapped tightly in their yellowed pages. When I look for the gravel in a work meaning the substance the truth of the piece.

I want to write like that someday.  Until then I will weave words into blog posts.




The Mountains Are Calling

Hello, my followers!

Have you ever had a dream about somewhere you’ve always wanted to go? Maybe France to see the Eifel Tower? Or Jamaica to bask on the warm beaches?

My dream is a little different I have always had my heart set on visiting Montpelier Vermont. Montpelier is the capitol and is actually a lot smaller than other cities in Vermont. The capitol building has a man standing on it that when made became crooked. The three biggest exports are marble, maple syrup, and apples. The famous Vontrapp family that starred in The Sound of Music, with the renowned Julia Andrews, lived in the Vermont state. The state name is in fact, named after the French words for green mountain, “Ver” & “Mont”. The state of Vermont was actually its own country until it was admitted to the United States as the 14th state.



And dare I mention that Ben&Jerry’s Icecream, Green Mountain Coffee, King Arthur Flour, Biotek, and the National Life Insurance Company. The highest paying jobs in Vermont are composed of various medical fields including internists, dentists, anesthesiologists, surgeons, gynecologists etc. Bleh, so the freelance writer doesn’t have the greatest chance… But there is a publishing company called Tuttle Publishing, that interests me. Teaching is always an option too. Also, there are some amazing bakeries.

I made these cupcakes


I am so in love with the Vermont mountains I someday hope to see.

The mountains are calling and I must go.



Washing off the Pane of Loneliness

Today began, with silver streaks of the sun, rather late for this cowgirl. I had a Saturday of unmet plans and streaked windows. The day was cool and the air felt free, I felt free, the freedom makes me thankful and ashamed of myself for not being a fighter. I contemplated on this whole fighting contradiction. As I reflected I came up with some very positive thoughts. If we’re not all made to be on the battlefield then what’s to stop us from fighting for and trying even harder in life to achieve our goals? I may not be able to fight on the battlefield but I can make a damn good pot of coffee, I can knit scarves, bake a peach pie like nobody’s business and lots of other things. I’m a fighter for life. You are too, what do you enjoy doing?

While I was busy scraping and washing window panes today, I thought on life and all the different directions I could take. Well, I begin a new job on Monday and am looking for growth through my work. It’s a CSR position and I’ve never worked a desk job before so it will be different.  Honestly, I’m really excited! Till then though I’m just lost in the sad shuffle of my loneliness. Since my boo left it’s been harder and harder not to cry. Not to just melt when I hear his favorite song or think of him kissing me. A long passionate kiss.

This loneliness is unexpected, unimaginable, unquenchable, disproportionate and solitary. It’s like my heart is being drained and the only one who can pump the blood back in is gone. So, I’ll just stay and wait with my empty heart in my lap. The wrenching in my heart for him is throwing me into a slow stupor and unreal rhythm. Like the inside of my heart and the direction of my life has been sucked out of me.

My direction seems unsteady and wavering with every late phone call—a minute too short. Not enough time, duty calls. I’m waiting for the part when “us” is more than U.S. I’m waiting for his people to meet my people. I’m waiting for that sunset of love that captures the sky and fuses our hearts together with that one everlasting promise of love.

A promise that never falters or seeks another. a promise that glistens with every step of your shined boots.

God willing, it will come, sooner than later.


Mole, a Rodeo and a Sure Sunrise

Hi all! Sorry for the delay in posting, I have been doing a lot of reading, rodeoing and getting my name out to job boards. Eek! I was finally decided on the perfect job for me as a customer service representative, so excited for my first day!

These past weeks have involved quite a lot of livestock and “horsin’ around” rodeo reporting fun, in my area of Kansas. The Belleville County Fair and Midget nationals were last week and the previous week was the Cloud County fair. Unfortunately, I did not make it to either, however, I read a great article about the Midget racing from Deb Hadachek from the Belleville Telescope,

The History of Races: From Cars to Pigs

I thought it was a fascinating article, the history of little towns always interests me.

Aside from working for the newspaper and going to rodeos I’ve been enjoying some amazing sunrises!


I’ve also been experimenting with brownies! One of my favorite things to bake. Recently some of my favorites have been a simple combo of 3 Tablespoons of cocoa, 1 banana and 2 Tablespoons of peanut butter; I use Crazy Richard’s peanut butter.


And oh goodness, if you’re looking to add some chocolatey goodness to your chicken, I have the recipe for you. Moles! Oh goodness, it’s like eating chicken and chocolate all at the same time! I have been experimenting around with mole sauce and have found the best recipe to be a Healthy slow cooker recipe. This recipe has no added oil or dairy butter but instead uses 3 Tablespoons peanut butter. Which makes a yummy protein addition to the chicken.

I found these recipes on my Allrecipes app which is a really convenient way to explore recipes and organize your recipes. This is a super convenient app if you have kids or a 9-5 job. The link for that is below.

Yummy App for Allrecipes

That’s all, for now, readers, hope you’re having an amazing day and try out some of my yummy recipes!



Bikes, Crocheting, Jam and more

Do you ever get a sudden impulse to create something tasty? Well, last week I did just that with fresh peaches from my peach tree. I never thought Kansas peaches would be so good! They were delicious. The peach varieties I planted were clingstone. The fruit clings to the pit in these peaches. Which, all in all, is kind of annoying but quite tasty!

I had planted two cherry trees in the same area, one a Montgomery and the other a sweet. These sadly enough do not produce hardly anything.

Since it’s summer, biking is quite popular in my area. Though a small town I think the numbers of bikes gliding through town are increasing. I have a mountain bike myself that is in sorry distress. Yes, the gears are unbalanced and the bike chain needs greasing and whatever else.  Oh Lord, it is in my “mechanic shop.” Haha, my laundry room. I, honestly, am learning on the job with this bike repair stuff, though I do find it fascinating. Hopefully,  my efforts won’t be in vain.

My nighttime hobbies have changed since my sweetie left. I am learning to crochet better and watercolor. My efforts thus far have been something to laugh at but the show must go on.

Sounds like an awful thunderstorm is rolling in.


I am happy to have picked up another freelance newspaper job that gives me the flexibility that I need. The structure of freelance work fits nicely into my schedule, especially as my online classes are finishing up.

A little of what I’ve been doing. I hope I’ve provided some inspiration for your day!


Adventures through North Carolina

My adventures through South Carolina were extraordinary as I stepped onto the glistening sand and felt the waves ripple and tickle my feet with their salty licks.



This was my sight as I rounded the corner from a lovely dinner at Poogan’s Porch on Queen street. At Poogan’s Porch, I had a mule and a duck that sure had a kick to it! Definitely not a drink for the faint of heart. The duck was exceptional! I feel like I should insert a duck joke here but I feel like having a duck and a mule in the same meal is enough of a joke.

The beauty of the sun closing lit up the waves as the crash against the dock. It was magnificent! The park nearby was crowded with a wedding party. The air was thick with the smell of blossoming dogwoods, Spanish moss with a spritz of salty sea water.


The Spanish moss was such a sight, like hair. I decided it might make a nice mustache. I saw this at Magnolia Plantation and Gardens.



We saw an amazing church that looked so stately in the night sky.

These are little slices of my adventures in South Carolina. I would definitely recommend going to Poogan’s Porch and Magnolia Plantation, you might even see an alligator in the pond at Magnolia Plantation!


Detaching- Morning Detox

The air blew across my face with a faint whisper of greeting. The sun silhouetted the buildings making them appear taller. This morning was a wonderful morning for a walk. As I walked the streets of my childhood I hear the lonesome call of a grain train rumbling down the line. This morning I was completely free of electronics. This is completely freeing. I greeted the morning with clarity and a fresh mind not diluted by the media already.

This is going to be a productive morning. My sewing machine is sitting awkwardly on my dining room table with a kind of nuanced symmetry. It needs fabric… I’m planning on making napkins for my table. I like to buy products off of Etsy, because I like helping artists, so I started there.

The Morning Began

The morning began with a cloak of white clouds covering the golden fields.


Walking outside I could smell the harvest sweetly whistling through the air. I headed towards the tracks at a jog that to my chagrin soon became a walk. Haha, I guess it’s good that I exercise even if I can’t run yet. It is such an experience to walk through the whole sleeping town, quiet with slumber.

Last night, I made a new overnight banana peanut butter oatmeal recipe. Absolutely my favorite! It’s the simple things in life that make it best. I lovee trying new oatmeal recipes… Oatmeal is my soul food. 🙂










Little Explosions of the Unexpected

My boyfriends back for a little bit, my heart smiles when he’s here.


I’m preparing to transfer, I’m deciding on the vanilla degree of English or Physical Education/Health/Wellness major. While I face the possibility of being a starving English major I’m good at English. My interest in Physical Ed/Health/Wellness goes toward my goal of becoming an occupational therapy assistant. I love helping people overcome their obstacles. And helping people believe they can. I remember so vividly when I was going through occupational therapy we followed a recipe to bake brownies. I loved the time I got to spend with my therapists.


Though I could just major in health and minor in English… possibilities.


I’m also preparing for a mind-numbing heat excruciating summer of hard field work. Lol, it’s gonna suck.


Possibly applying for a local job as a historic site education representative or some other position to escape above mentioned.


Ugggh… money–can’t live without it. Well, really you could if you were volunteering all the time. Or you were living at your families. I guess it COULD  be done.


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