Apricot jam and thoughts on traveling

The hot bread I made dropped with apricot marmalade as I dreampt about my upcoming travels.

Goals–Putting in your Time

As I heaved the hoe into the ground I felt the wood beneath my fingers callus. The morning was hot but not too hot. I had begun work early. As I had learned from previous hoeing experience that the sooner in the day you start the cooler and you’ll be.
This morning I was hoeing up my neighbors strawberry garden. I love strawberries!Here are some pictures of my work and the finished garden!

The Pressing Solitude of Decisions

A decision pressed closely against the glass

Reverberates a prism of thought

Of connection.

Of dissonance.

A decision of solitude.

A decision of birth or denial.

A decision pressed closely against the glass

Strains its ugly ear to find you.

Strains into your deepest thoughts.

Listening, pressing close.

Making a crowd or closing in solitude.

A decision,

A decision.

Some say there’s choice.

I say there’s a decision.

Shakespeare said, “Life’s a play and we’re all but actors.”

A decision pressed closely against the glass. 


Here the truth lies bound up in thought.

A decision made.

A decision wrought.

Gravity, Biking, and Coffee

If gravity didn’t hold me down I swear after I’ve had three cups of coffee I’m on the ceiling! It would be quite funny like some fictional character. Yes, today I had two cups of coffee in the morning while enrolling in classes. Definitely called for, lol, colleges make it hard enough to get enrolled, eek!

Biking was phenomenal this morning. I got up at exactly 7:10 with a drive to bike. It was so invigorating! Oh my goodness, biking before breakfast, is one of my favorite morning routines. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen nearly as often as I’d like!

Then a latte after lunch with friends. Definitely, for posterity… haha. My favorite, oat milk latte with honey and hazelnut! Definitely don’t regret it… yet.

I was surprised the coffee shop was pretty chill, today. Apparently not a whole lot of people. But I suppose it is only Tuesday. I was so happy that I went in today, as I asked my boss for more work, and she gave me three more hours! Barista/baker work is completely my jazz. I love it. I will be making scones on Thursday. In my kitchen I’ve been practicing a bit too. Tomorrow, I want to tinker around with baking cinnamon rolls. Cinnamon rolls are so fun to make. The only problem with baking is that you have to have mouths to eat your pastries!

About that, golly, I’m glad there’s a large family in my neighborhood.

It was a blast visiting the coffee shop today as I was with a charming friend of mine, who always has quite fascinating stories! She is quite a wonderful person. My brother came along too with a book, like always, haha, he’s such a bookworm.

Holding Tight

A letter slides from my desk. Containing painfully sad thoughts. Drawn up with an ink stamp insignia.

When you hold tight to this insignia, this name of known love.

Grasp it with all your life.

Sometimes it responds and sometimes it just belies.

Belies the time it was crafted.

Belies the scribes hand.

As a woman of love

I hold tight to that insignia.

Hoping, wishing,

It to return.

Will it see past all my heartache

To rekindle and burn?

I wish for those moments when we didn’t say a word.

The insignia.

We fought.

We loved.

The letters twisting to and fro.

Now it’s all I want

Now it’s all I’ve know.

How to press that insignia bright and curling to and fro.

When you hold tight to this insignia, this name you know and love.

Grasp it with all your life.

Going through turmoil and strife.

The insignia is your future.

Carefully wrought.

Carefully wrought and made, you wait.

Holding tight and wishing for it’s return.

The Calm after the Storm

The calm after the storm

Broke even

Across the sea leveling

The furious silence.

The waves before the storm,



Shifting the weight of giants.

The calm after the storm

Reassuring and calming.

Wrapped in the warmth of waves.

The calm after the storm

Shattering the stillness

Reaching, pulling,


The sea finds us.

Drying Herbs for Humility

Hello, my friends, Sunfat at last whew! Let me tell you it’s quite nice for this refresher.I’ve been relaxing today. Which is quite nice. I jumped into a book called The Inner Castle. It’s by St. Theresa of Avila. I’m not sure I like the translation but we’ll see. I find myself becoming a little pickier about book authors.As you can see above I have been drying herbs! I’m so excited about this as I will be making teas. Lambs Quarters, as seen above helps to tone and tighten. Aside from helping with stomach aches, diarrhea and loss of appetite.I was extremely excited when I discovered these beauties in my garden as the leaves covered with dew almost looked ethereal.I think its amazing to ponder how herbs were used medicinally when our conventional pharmaceuticals were not available.So my plan for tonight is to enjoy lambs ear tea! Nature provides her goodness :)Hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday.Cheers!

Thursday Workout

Good evening all!

I felt in a tiny slump tonight after work and cooking/cleaning house.

Do you get these slumps?

Well, my quick remedy is a workout. I must say I thoroughly enjoy home workouts.

I’ll share some fun ones that I do. Btw, my friends think I’m weird for liking prisoner squats. But, I think they’re the best! Anyway, let’s hop to it. Here are some of the ones I practice.

3 Full body workouts: https://youtu.be/HrpW5PliIdU

Flatter stomach: https://youtu.be/LebPal5gKrc

Washboard abs: https://youtu.be/i1ZzdBgLtZg

Gluteus maximus workout: https://youtu.be/i1ZzdBgLtZg

As my coach Rebecca says, “these workouts are not just for girls but guys too.”

I could literally recite all of her workouts, haha, I’ve been at it such a long time!

I hope, my dear readers, that you’ve found this article helpful if you don’t like my fitness articles please let me know in the comments, thanks!


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