Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread

So gooey pumpkin filled chocolate chunky good!! Wow, baking this recipe made the house smell divine.

I found the recipe on YellowBlissRoads, thanks Fiona!

Blessing #4: Cinnamon-Rolls-so-good-you’ll-lose-count

I sit looking out my window at the grey sky, misty-moisty hills covered in fog, and the bright, almost neon leaves outside. I’m so blessed to have this place. Wow, I’m in awe of being alone in PA as my first solo move.

Yesterday, the weather was much the same. I felt dreary like the whole state needed a little sunshine. So I found one of my favorite hobbies—baking!! I baked some INCREDIBLE INCREDIBLE cinnamon rolls. That coincidentally we had for our friend who came for brunch!

Cinnamon rolls so good you’ll lose count of how many you’ve had.


Praise God, Skirts, Sunshine and Hot Coffee

A towhee chirps in the black cherry tree behind me as I sit on the porch sipping hot coffee. It’s a sunny Sunday morning. Mass will be later this afternoon which my fiancé and I go to. Today, since it’s nice weather out I’ll wear a skirt.

Mass is such a beautiful event. I love being Catholic.

Anyway, today has been mostly good. I woke earlier than expected and popped downstairs to make coffee. Which, nonetheless, is an interesting experience/experiment each time I make it in our percolator.

Stove-top Percolators are finicky things.

Now, I’m upstairs honestly really tired—extremely tired.

I’m waiting for my stick buns, new recipe (so EXCITED!!). I think they’ll drive my fiancé crazy, haha. He loves sticky buns.

Done and yummy!

I found the recipe on my Allrecipes app and added a few substitutes. I made my own yellow cake mix and used some leftover streusel topping from a muffin mix box.

My fiancé loved it! He had two slices today!

Though it is a beautiful sunny day after a big rain last night my garden is looking very sad. My petunias look Ike they’ve been battered with a broom and my lilac never bloomed and is a green skinny bud jutting out with yellow tips. Quite dead which is quite disheartening.

Ta-ta for now friends.

Smears of Blueberry Cream Cheese Frosting

Frosting smeared across Chris’s little chin as he clapped his hands in glee. Chris was one of my friend’s toddlers. We were all gathered tonight for a going away party for my dear friend Clarise. For the occasion, I had ramped up my baking abilities to bake my first cake post-surgery. And, oh joyous day! I can do planks again! Though the boot does prove quite a contrivance. Hopping back to the whole cake deal. Last night, I made a vanilla cake with lemon-blueberry frosting. Quite scrumptious, indeed.

And I would post a photo but my phone died directly after the cake was frosted, so my apologies. Perhaps in a later post, I will post a picture of a SLICE, that is if it hasn’t been already munched up! It was a crowd pleaser!

These are some shots I took! 🙂


Blueberry Cake

Vanilla bean cake with fresh blueberry lemon cream cheese frosting.


Vanilla bean cake with Fresh Blueberry-Lemon cream cheese frosting



Bold Scottish Future

“The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley.”
― Robert Burns

What an excellent last morning to have a hot Scott brew, (this of course is a brew of coffee)! This morning’s coffee was a toasty brew scented with nutmeg and a spike of cinnamon, cloves, with a shot of chili powder. Quite a robust combination for a robust year completed, I do declare! The drink suited me quite well this snowy morning as I gazed out the window and thought about the spices I had added to my coffee on this last day before my birthday.

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

My chosen spices reflect the kind of year I had. The cinnamon and nutmeg are bold flavors. While the cloves are a feisty flavor. And the chili powder is a strong spicy somewhat ruthless kick. Like the spices my year has played out in a rather interesting collage of, dare I say, exhilarating events.

I thought about all the adventures I have had this year. Of all the struggles I’ve endured. Like the week my cupboards were completely bare and I ate nothing but porridge, or when I biked the whole length around my town, or drove a school bus. I also thought about all the adventures I’m planning for this coming year. The extravagant adventures that will hopefully take me on many adventures around the world, Scotland, Ireland, Malaysia, Turkey, Kuwait… etc. There are one too many decisions to be made in this coming year. I am a trifle too exhilarated for them all to come!

I would love to bake scones and crumpets for my coffee shop, to sail to Scotland and enjoy a wee bit of good whiskey. To learn Scottish-Gaelic and to earn my Bachelor’s degree, and publish a book. With all these dreams their is a might bit of trouble. Haha, is that any surprise, that there be a fly in the ointment? Ha! My funds for such adventures are a mighty bit scant. Tarnation!

mountain under white sky

Someday, I hope to gather the funds to travel to Scotland, though. Honestly, I would like to someday live there, I think Inverness would be a lovely place to live. I’m a country mouse and I daresay that will not change when I move. As I feel comfort in having the space of the farm.

I’d like to have a little farm with a milking cow, a gaggle of geese and chickens. I’d like a nice nook in the front room with a rocking chair that I will sit at and knit.

Well, like all good chapters in life, their final strokes of justice permeate even the most unsteady futures.