Praise God, Skirts, Sunshine and Hot Coffee

A towhee chirps in the black cherry tree behind me as I sit on the porch sipping hot coffee. It’s a sunny Sunday morning. Mass will be later this afternoon which my fiancé and I go to. Today, since it’s nice weather out I’ll wear a skirt. Mass is such a beautiful event. I loveContinue reading “Praise God, Skirts, Sunshine and Hot Coffee”

Blessing #2: BBQ and Jesus

So, tonight I’m making dinner for my honey bbq chicken sandwiches. Before dinner we save the meal prayer thanking Jesus and blessing the food. This really sets the tone for how we finish our days, I think. Being grateful is so important in this world. Being grateful to others makes us happier as well asContinue reading “Blessing #2: BBQ and Jesus”

Bubbles on my Latte and Pink Polish

My pastel pink nails clink against my coffee mug as I tap out the melody coming over the radio. I boldly face all the controversy and problems that lay ahead one word at a time. The letters fall across my keyboard like a scrabble board game. I look down at my notebook that has aContinue reading “Bubbles on my Latte and Pink Polish”