Pearled Prayers of Relief

A cold resistance of hushed wind pushes against the glass window, whispering good morning to me. It was a forced tone and whisper that erupted across the span of my sheep wool blanket as the sunshine broke across my window. The few patches of stubborn green still bravely patched by the white falling snow. The cows bellow from the fields as the geese head South. The country is still, save for its nature’s tunings. The house is trimmed in white as the snow clumps across its frame the bricks color contrasts vibrantly. The sky is painted a mauve grey and frames fence posts and trees dark and brown like steaming black coffee.

landscape photography of lake

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The glass separates the wildness from conventional. The blistering cold frosts the glass like a snow cone. It’s weight shifting the tree limbs in a slight wind. Which ones will be strong enough to stand the weight? Breaking is an option for some.

As the pearled row of blanket finished I gazed up to see flames pitching against the glass window. I wasn’t scared, why should I be. Flames only burn you when you give them control. I’m not scared. The eternal fire will singe its fireplace, but I’ll remain untouched, save for certain infirmities. What can they hurt my soul?  This is just a resting place for our souls to live awhile in. Prayers echo their resistance through that dark world. I’m not afraid of breaking glass, anyway.

The glass separates two sides forever divided for the better.



Having a Ball, Prosecco and a Jolly New Years

As I skillfully balanced on my scooter I popped the cap of a bottle of Prosecco to toast yet another great year folding into the seems of time and the hailing in of another. As my knitting needles whispered

Quite an entrance for the new year blown in on the shoulders of a furious wind! The room was filled with a coziness that created reading almost as a necessity.


Snowy Barn

Snowy Country Barn

I pulled at the two strands of yarn as they glided through my needles their noise resonating throughout the quiet living room. The needles I’m working with a size 19 circular needles which I think are quite whily to control.

I’m undertaking my first hand-knit blanket and it’s coming along quite dapperly. Its color reminds me of salty olives, the ones you find at fancy venues or on top of sandwiches. That’s almost the exact color! Undeniably salty, indeed, quite a necessity in the dead of winter. I knit double yarn for the first time, which is when you knit with two strands of yarn, not just one.

It bulked up quite readily and is delightfully warm!


A Stitch in Time Saves Nine.


Quite an entrance for the new year blown in on the shoulders of a furious wind! The room was filled with a coziness that created reading almost as a necessity. Quite chilly too!

Such an amazing year filled with happy conversations, great expectations, achievements, and new beginnings. The burnt ends of my first collegiate endeavors put out with a star of achievement. The year was like a hand-stitched quilt, piece by piece changing the appearance of the quilt ever so slightly with every stitch of time. The loose stitches, carried from last year, eventually fading into oblivion. The loose stitches, taken out and reworked like any challenge in life. Every predicament we endure must be worked and reworked to create something magnificent in the end- a beautiful hand-stitched quilt. Every patch of the quilt representing a time period or some new endeavor. Stitched with time to represent a magnificent time of our life.

I’m very grateful for my family and that I miraculously am still living. God has done amazing things in my life and God willing will provide and help me through the rest of it.

For now, my friends, raise a glass and Hurrah for a jolly New Year! And God Bless!