Rain, Rain, Go Away

“Rain, rain go away come again another day.”

This was a song that my chums and I would sing on the playground as the rain slid down our noses. When I was a child I loved playing in the rain. It is such a freeing feeling to have water trickling down your arms and neck. I always felt like rain were angels tears or something quite heavenly, a little taste of heaven, dropping down. Rain somehow makes it easier to think, to ponder what has been and could be.

My XHIT workout was a great beginning to my humpday! This morning I tried some new XHIT workouts. This workout can be done several times throughout the day. A great way to stretch and strengthen those abs. I’m a hug fan of flutter kicks!

As my cursor roamed around the internet this morning I found a new little website that pays freelance writers called, www.cookingdetective.com. this site pays you to write 2000 word articles on cooking and pays +$100 and up! Being a rainy day, what a great way to make a little side income seems pretty awesome.
Recently, I’ve been reading, “Turn your computer into a Money Making Machine in 2019: How to Make Money from Home.” There’s a lot of good pointers in here, I applaud the author, Avery Breyer, she has written multiple books about making money, available on Amazon.


Another great thing to do on rainy days is to take an EdX class. I am totally an Edx nerd. The beauty of the Edx website is they offer all these courses taught from top-ranking universities that you can audit or take for a very reduced price. If you do pay for a course this can be applied toward your college degree. YEP! you heard me you can take a class for $60 and have it as credit for your college degree.
Rainy day madness, why don’t you update your Linkedin profile, too! Remember to attach any publishments you’ve written. It’s so easy to just attach a PDF to your profile, easy-peasy. Make sure make a succinct detailed resume on Linkedin. It’s can be kind of tricky to piece everything together.
If you need a stress breaker on a rainy day like this grab a hot beverage, my current favorite, is a milk tea. The recipe is quite simple and doesn’t use any exotic ingredients if you find yourself quite far from a grocery store.


Try it out on a rainy day with a good book or good video series.


Traps and Coffee

The cold wind hit my Columbia jacket with a gust of unknown excitement as I circled wire into a double loop. Hint. hint. hasenpfeffer… I’m always up for a challenge. And when my dad doubted my idea of trapping rabbits I had a challenge. So I watched a couple videos on Youtube about making rabbit snares. And I found a Hasenpfeffer recipe. Though I have no idea how to cook rabbit. There’s an old rabbit trapper in town though that might share a couple rabbit cooking secrets with me. I’m all about survival living, or homesteading is probably closer to what I like. I think it would be awesome to have a veggie patch, a couple fruit trees and then for protein rely on hunting or trapping. A living off the land lifestyle appeals to me. And rabbit trapping is where I’ll set my first snare.

I’ve been told rabbit tastes like chicken.

Why, you might ask did I get this sudden enthusiasm for trapping rabbits? Today is the first day of a new year for me and I felt as if I had to do something extremely new and totally out of my comfort zone. Now, of course, I am at the farm alone for the large part of the day. I can’t drive, also there’s no vehicles here, so that limits my activities substantially.

So, I occupy my time with fresh bursts of creativity and living authentically. It’s a limited life but I sure push the seems of it. Also, college applications are due and learning doesn’t just stop after college I am an active member of EdX which I thoroughly enjoy because you can study anything under the sun and most classes can be taken completely free! Hmmmm… trapping?

Just kidding I’m taking a English for Journalists and a Basic Spanish 2

Hopefully, the Spanish 2 course can prep me to complete the TEFL certification and travel abroad.

Repetition doesn’t create memories, new experiences do.
-Brian Chesky


“Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.” –Marcus Aurelius

blue universe

Photo by Felix Mittermeier on Pexels.com