Work Day Workout

This morning I got up and said my reflections before daybreak. Sipping my coffee watching the rising sun I thought what a beautiful day! Thank God. He makes my days easy. And keeps my nights holy rest.

After my morning reflection and reading I did my workouts. Which made my day go so much better and less painful.

I had coffee and a late breakfast with one of my dear friends who truly is quite enjoyable company!

My workday was amazing I ran the cashier which is digital and a little tricky to figure out but I’m getting it. I love my work! Serving others is a true blessing.

After work I stopped by the church on my walk home. It was locked but the grotto is a beautiful place to pray as well.

Then three more blocks home and a hungry stomach. Quick to fix. I heated up my cast iron and fixed a chicken rice pepper stirfry a great healthy lunch with a fresh banana. Mmmm.

My life is changing for Christ. I’m working on improving spiritually in my current vocation of singleness. Preparing my heart for my maker and hopefully eventually a spouse. But we’ll see. Time has a way of making decisions.

And God will determine my path.