Blessing #9: Strife of Packing and Tasty Donuts

The soft murmur of our coffee percolator sounded across the kitchen as I watched contemplating life. It seems a good place to contemplate—in front of a bubbling coffee percolator. It helped me think through everything, at least.

It was a big day ahead of studying, applying for this and that in our new state, checking on my financial aid (foot tapping in expectation), and applying to nearly 5 more scholarships. I think by now I have about 15 that I’ve applied to this month.

It’s been quite a humbling day. The bright sun glinted through my window as I awoke and I have had quite a sunny happy day today.

I’ve been all “wired up“ as I think my fiancé put it because of all the packing that needs done. I find packing fun. So at least that makes the process a little less dreary.

This morning, we ran to our favorite coffee shop (well one of our top favorites at least). The car, which is packed to the gills, literally, is now “toothless” from her front bumper hanging lopsided.

Funny story for another post! 😜

On the way home we stopped at the local grocery store to pick up some bread for our tuna sandwiches we’ll be making tonight. My lovely fiancé added in a donut as a little “don’t stress” treat.

As, we walked out bags in hand, I saw across the street a shining garage sale sign. Heehee, one of my favorite things!

And wowzer, friends, this lady was selling things without prices. Offering whatever price you thought was best for the item. We got a great deal on a car neck pillow brand new and a couple of new phone covers!

A Dove and a Mirror

As I gazed in the mirror at my wood wicked chair I wondered what was is to come. A dove flighted off a branch and I wondered; wondered deep.

Wandering through the paths of all the “could be’s” and the “might’s.”
To a deep wonder.
I stood gazing back at my old life.
Had I achieved enough in the past?
I briefly will look back as I walk down the graduation aisle.
Did I do enough?
Did I stay the path?

As I extend my arm to toss my cap.

The dove fly’s on.

The Simple Beauty of Nature

As I stepped through the knee-high green grasses I breathed in the fresh air. It was cleansing as if giving the prairie a new birth. My father often says that the prairie changes her dresses for every season. The prairie is changing her dresses.

The fresh air streamed against the hanging white sheets billowing in the wind. The clothespins hanging them securely as if they knew the winds plan. The wind acts as a guide pushing us into the uncertain path stretched before us—life.

Life as we’ve known it. Our own traditions and preferences etched so carefully into our days.



Watering flats in the hoop house


My life has been dappled with hard work and persistence. Honestly, I’ve had my nose to the ground getting all my various documents to my transfer college. I’ve also been assigned a new article to cover that is really got me on edge. It’s about a business. And not just any business but my family business. So that’s a tad stressful.


Not your Average Farm Girl

As one can expect my nails, nowadays, have to be washed really well, when I’m done working!

The plants are growing really well in the house. The house that we start our seeds in is called the nursery house. Oh oops, that’s my bike in the background. Since my surgery, I’ve just had it in the hoop house on my trainer.

Speaking of exercise, let me tell you! Just yesterday I walked 9000 steps! And I have been keeping up with my ab and arm workouts. Seriously considering buying heavier weights. Which for me and my recovery is crazy amazing! I was excited at least.

So, to celebrate that and Friday night… haha, that’s a joke, Friday night is just another night here, just like any other.

To celebrate though, I treated myself to Amazon Prime video… and YES! A romance 🙂 Which honestly Prime is gonna have to pick up its step on their romance offerings, let me tell ya. It was called “A Little Bit of Heaven.” A serious tear jerker make sure you have a kleenex box handy.

And you know movies kinda call for a snack or dessert of some kind. But ya know a girl doesn’t want to feel too bad about eating somethin’ sweet. The whole terms “guiltless” or “healthy” seems to find its way into my recipe search constantly. Bahaha, I can’t say that some of my chocolate desserts have some pretty crazy ingredients in them!

So I made, Healthy Chocolate Mug Cake

The sun is streaming down outside and my college acceptance letter is waiting for me in the mailbox. I must tarry my friends, for now enjoy the summer’s coming and live BOLDLY

The wind is bristling the pines outside and farm work calls me.



Hope you’re day is going splendidly!





Thick Snow and Flannel

As I rolled over to look at my clock the chilly morning fell upon the house. The dawn came like a newlywed bride timidly awaiting her guests at the reception. The morning snowfalls listlessly surrounding the orchards stubble and the trees are cloaked like angels.

The chilly weather called for flannel, not just any flannel but blue flannel suits the weather I think. Vermont Flannel Company makes some amazing flannels!

The morning began with an intense ab workout and two cups of Guatemalan coffee. Hehe, Guatemalan coffee is quite good. And to shake up my breakfast routine with avocado toast! Then I did an ab workout that felt amazing and I’m seeing some great progress as far as that goes. Besides feeling amazing!

It’s a nice distraction to be fit. From the solitude of where I live. Distractions are good in my case. But I pick and choose wisely. Your health is everything and it’s important for me to keep the temple God has blessed me with as good and fit as I can.

Charcoal Thoughts

Abstract Face- Charcoal Thoughts

This morning I read some Irish and Scottish poetry. One of these poems by Thomas Parnell, The Hermit, The Night-Piece on Death, and The Small Silver-Colored BookWorm. Parnell uses one of my favorite literary terms, personification a lot. Reading poetry has always been an escape for me. It creates a different landscape to immerse myself in. A beautiful escape from your normal day-to-day life. And the most amazing thing is you can travel to another country or even another century or era! The language based on the poet’s time or persona can be so personal and even private to the reader. Poetry is emotional expressionism or even a description in verse.

Parnell interestingly enough was a Reverend, husband, and father. Though sadly his kin all died before him. He was an Anglo-Irish poet AND UNBENONCED TO ME was FRIENDS with one of my favorite writer’s, Swift, Gulliver’s Travels. 

If you haven’t read Gulliver’s Travels and you like imaginative tales, it is quite the read! About a man who becomes trapped on an island and pinned down and surrounded by little people! Definitely sure to give your imagination a workout.

I’m still on the college bandwagon, which honestly is quite unnerving! But, anyhow, hopefully, at any rate, it will come in handy, when the time comes, God-willing that time comes ;). Hope will carry us through.

I hope my poetry musings proved enlightening to your day.

Que Sera Sera!




When You Feel like Exploding

My mind is a war field it seems. I’m sure others can commiserate with me on this. Torn between pain and remission it seems. The pain came from the sutures and staples taken out of my foot today. It was a sharp cutting pain that hasn’t gone away. If it wasn’t enough pain to have the sutures and staples yanked out, just seeing my foot was enough to make me dizzy and somewhat faint. My foot though completely bloated was bunion free.  After seeing that my mind went numb I just can’t put emotion on how I felt… thankful? Definitely. shock? Especially. utter grief? Indubitably. Maybe, what I feel about it is just a mixture of those. I’m very thankful that I may have a real chance at an active life after this with fewer limitations.

After my painful encounter with tweezers and other doctors tools for taking my sutures and staples out my foot was wrapped again in gauze and cast. It’s blue. Which apparently is cheerful, but honestly, I don’t think if it was rainbow it would make me cheerful to be hauling my leg around in 5 extra pounds of cast and gauze. Just my opinion.

When he did put the cast on to cement it he used hot water. Which let me tell you, burned somethin’ fierce on my leg.

I slept 8 hours today. That’s crazy. I never sleep that much. I think the shock and on the way home pain caused me to be such a lazy bone. I did stay up till midnight reading so that might explain part of it. And I didn’t have any coffee today. Traveling and pain really wears a girl out though.

Well, for now, my friends keep your chin up and look toward a brighter future. Short-term sacrifice for a long-term gain.