#2 Blessing: Rain Days

The rain drips down my window like a leaking faucet. I think of Kansas and how the rain usually brought thunder and lightning. The rain always let up after awhile but not here. Here it’ll rain day in and day out. It’s crazy! I’m finishing up my semester now. Plowing away at studies. My fiancéContinue reading “#2 Blessing: Rain Days”

Recovery: Coffee, Family, ​and Stumbling

Count your blessing instead of sheep.

Dinner Party Seen from Afar

Eeeeee!! rang out across the dining room where all the guests sat. My foot erects I shift in bed to see the commotion going on. The noise coming from our youngest guest sweet Virginia with her glowing red cheeks like red apples. Soon the guests are assembled in my “bedroom” chattering about how their babiesContinue reading “Dinner Party Seen from Afar”