The Perfect Night Cap

Last night I was so tired! When I had gotten home from my wonderful time at the Indian restaurant I found the dishes needed washed. So after washing the dishes I was feeling more awake. I have had trouble sleeping for years and I did not want tonight to be a night I couldn’t sleep. I would guess this sleeplessness resulted from my TBI.

When I was in the grocery store last I picked up some chamomile “sleepy” tea. With my farm experience/herbal research I do know that chamomile is a sedative. It was glorious! I had the best sleep with no interruptions!

If, perhaps you have the same problem. Here are a list of other herbs and methods for sleep:

Hot milk, touch of honey, with a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg

Lavender candles- the scent of lavender

Eating a small bow of oatmeal– SHOCKER!! But one I can definitely attest too.

Also, there’s this breathing exercise that I learned: Here’s how it goes: Close you eyes begin breathing deeply, picture a Black sea and on it a black ship. Watch the rhythm of the waves. Keep breathing deeply.

That last one is pretty nifty. My grandfather, who fought in the Frozen Chosin war taught me that one. Does the trick too!

A Shot Rang Out: Insomnia: One Day Closer

A round of shots rang out. My eyes flitted open nervously as I scoured the room looking for a threat. The white curtains were illuminated by the still pallor of the moon. It was a nightmare that woke me up in a cold sweat.

Reaching for my phone to check the time the screen cracked a little more shattering any image the phone had. Blackness. The wind picked up and a scuffling sounded from the window. 

The cold linoleum pricked my bare feet in the still darkness. My kitchen was lit by an LED bulb that my most dutiful S.O. gave me. The darkness framed my windows. It was 4:30. Insomnia has its bouts of bitterness. 

Fumbling around in the light of my lamp, because Lord knows, the average person who awakes at 4:30 is still in the process of waking. I happened across my lovers name tag. His name in straight Arial font gazed up at me in the glowing light. I was transfixed for a minute, wondering, wishing for his safety. 

The oatmeal canister stood attention in the darkness of my cupboard, giving me the “How does the do!” of the morning. After fixing a plan bowl of oatmeal with a spoonful of brown sugar, because in my book Saturdays and brown sugar go together ;). My coffee pot began perking out the smells wafting through my kitchen of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and vanilla. A perfect mug of piping hot coffee. Yum!

The sun bravely started shining through my curtains as I began my 100 squat workout. Today, I switched things up after that jumping into a leg workout afterwards then abs. These were all provided by my lovely XHIT gals down there on youtube. I am a huge fan of XHIT!! Great way to get me going in the morning. 

Largely the rest of my day consisted of brain training–focusing on memory and speed. Which I believe will be a great addition to my turtle-like RAM. Duolingo is a great asset for learning languages. 

A Day in the Life

Swollen raisins hide in my oatmeal like pigs hiding from slaughter. The oatmeal was a last resort for slow-cooker breakfast magic. Yeah, it didn’t turn out so well. I ran out of cinnamon which probably would have been a pivotal factor in taste. If nothing the plump raisins are fun to look at!

Last night, I slept really well. Going to bed early has been so enjoyable of recent. My love has a different time zone but his day matches up with my day now. Hurrah! So, I’m seeing him a little more, which I am so thankful for.

This morning I picked up the Good Book again, thank goodness. The Laudate app is such a wonderful app to get my day started with. Today, I read one of my favorites according to Matthew 20:1. The story is about the laborers who work full days as opposed to half days and how the “boss” pays both the same. The last line really resonates with me: “Thus the last will be first, and the first will be last.” This verse is really easy to forget in our hectic lives. I love starting my day with that.

I have a big day at work of refills. Oh joy!

Working has been a huge fulfillment and blessing for me. I now have structured days that aren’t so higgledy-piggedly. I have a responsibility that I have to meet which gives me a lot of respect for what I’m doing. Whatever, kind of work it is I feel that it is pivotal to fulfillment and commendable for the human person to be employed.

In fact, that is one of my favorite things; to hunt for employment. I enjoy finding and helping my friends with new jobs. I have found that networking is essential to finding jobs and direct communication is a must. My mom has taught me that physically going somewhere leaves a much deeper impression than just a phone call or digital application. Though it’s a sound option to venture after a 9-5 job the thrill of finding writing gigs I think is far more exciting!


My dad has greatly influenced my passion for becoming an entrepreneur. He is a fruit and vegetable costermonger and sells everything from canary melons to giant pumpkins. What I love about the family farm is its main draw is its uniqueness. I truly believe that if you have a product that makes an impression on people it will sell. So… my dads an entrepreneur-farmer.


My take on becoming an entrepreneur is quite different than my dads as I want to be a writer. Which in my part of the country some would pity. The pity doesn’t bother me so much as the lack of enthusiasm for the writing business, especially paper newspapers. I have been a freelancer/reporter for the newspaper for roundabouts a year and I’ll tell ya, people who have time to read print newspapers nowadays are few and far between. I also publish to an online newspaper that runs once weekly.


I love this verse!

I love reading as well, which has greatly helped me in achieving my writing feats in blogging and publication. The classics peak my interest as they are classics and I think have human morality and truth wrapped tightly in their yellowed pages. When I look for the gravel in a work meaning the substance the truth of the piece.

I want to write like that someday.  Until then I will weave words into blog posts.




The Morning Began

The morning began with a cloak of white clouds covering the golden fields.


Walking outside I could smell the harvest sweetly whistling through the air. I headed towards the tracks at a jog that to my chagrin soon became a walk. Haha, I guess it’s good that I exercise even if I can’t run yet. It is such an experience to walk through the whole sleeping town, quiet with slumber.

Last night, I made a new overnight banana peanut butter oatmeal recipe. Absolutely my favorite! It’s the simple things in life that make it best. I lovee trying new oatmeal recipes… Oatmeal is my soul food. 🙂