A Song of Gratitude

The wind crept around my toes as I stepped into the dark. The sky stood before me cloaked in a ambience of imperforate clouds. Masked in a beauty that only God can create, the one true painter of this universe. It was a Saturday morning and I had woke with a song in my heart.

This morning’s reading was from Job 42:1-3, 5-6, 12-17. This reading is about Job’s realization of the magnificence and splendor of his great all-powerful and all-knowing God.

In the first section of the reading Job is pondering over how God can do and see all things. Upon this realization later in the passage Job is blessed in his latter days more than his earlier ones were. He is prosperous, in word and deed, and blessed with many children, and lived to a ripe old age.

Job says, “Therefore I disown what I have, and repent in dust and ashes.”

This is a beautiful Bible quote.

We have been blessed with so much it is our duty to give thanks to Our Lord and Bless others. Through striving to give thanks we will find everlasting happiness.