Nellie Gray’s March for Life- Pro-life Advocacy

This post is past the date of Nellie’s passing.

I received an inspirational email from the March for Life President. I find this a very important issue.

When Nellie Gray began the March for Life in 1974, she could never have imagined this gathering in our nation’s capital would become the largest annual human rights demonstration in the world.

On this 9th anniversary of Nellie’s passing, we remember her heroic legacy and stand firm in our promise to continue the great work she began.

When Roe v. Wade was wrongfully decided on January 22, 1973, Nellie gave up her successful career as a U.S. government attorney to fully commit to the fight for life. Within a few months, she organized the first ever March for life on January 22, 1974, uniting over 20,000 pro-life advocates in our nation’s capital. Nellie thought the March of January 22, 1974 would be the first and only March for Life.

But tragically, one march would not be enough. So Nellie vowed to come back year after year until the Supreme Court corrected its wrongful decision. Nellie spent the next 40 years dedicating every waking moment to the defense of human life and to inspiring generations to advocate for life.

Many believed the American people would come to accept abortion and the pro-life movement would eventually fade. However, nearly fifty years later, Nellie’s legacy persists and the March for Life continues to grow. Even now, we are expanding our reach into state capitals across the country!


It’s impossible for us to know the great difference our little “yes” to defending life can make. On the anniversary of her passing, we thank Nellie for her “yes” that has led us here today.

This email I received today as it is the anniversary of Nellie Gray’s death, God rest her soul. When I attended the March for Life Mrs. Gray was still alive and speaking at the March for Life.

My fiancé and I are planning to attend the March for life again this upcoming year. This will be his first time, too. Which will make it such a fun journey!

Pregnancy Help- Safe Haven Laws

I feel very passionately about helping pregnant women. I don’t think, so far, in my life, I’ve been completely vocal about my support for the pro-life cause. I think it is especially important this month to bring up this topic as it is National Safe Haven Awareness month.

Picture taken from Pinterest

You may be a worried and frightened mother who has months of waiting with no safe home or good place to raise your child. Safe Haven laws were established in Texas in 1999, sometime called “Baby Moses laws”.

Safe Haven will help. Safe Haven is an IRS recognized 501(c)(3)organization that was launched in 2004 with a mission to offer another option to unprepared women experiencing unplanned pregnancies.

The Safe Haven Law allows parents to anonymously give their unharmed infant to a designated Safe Haven provider within a specific amount of time. These providers include, EMT, Police Officers, Churches and Firemen.

Currently, every state has a Safe Haven law, however, a few states have instituted a Safe Haven movement for the protection of babies using “baby boxes”. Indiana installed their first baby box in 2016 and now has 6+ baby boxes located at fire departments.

“Safe Haven Baby Boxes are designed to allow people to anonymously surrender their healthy newborn without fear of criminal prosecution at any fire station.

They are equipped with alarm systems to notify 911 and staff inside the fire station immediately.

The boxes also have heating and cooling features and lock as soon as the baby is placed inside.

These boxes also have motion sensors and lock immediately after the baby is laid inside. The motion sensors alarm policemen, firemen, etc. to come and pick up the baby.

There are no cameras and no questions are asked when the mother drops off her baby.

I am a strong pro-life advocate and it is important for me to have my readers be informed about Safe Haven laws during its national awareness month. Please fight for our children born and in utero.

They need us to fight for them to live and grow.

Be brave. Be confident. Stand up for what you believe is right.

A Good day begins with smiles, good books and coffee

Hello, I am Maggie Kuhn. You may be thinking of the historical Maggie Kuhn the Grey Panther activist who died, coincidentally, the same year I was born. Now, if that’s not a call to action for myself, then I don’t know what is. I do read quite a lot and drink coffee quite a lot… and smile QUITE A LOT!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

My mission, through this blog is to inspire disabled people struggling with traumatic brain injury and other neurological conditions, to be inspired and have hope for the future. I have had my own struggles after my fatal car wreck, with TBI, neck fusion, and dystonia. I am, however, a fighter, (also, Irish…fighting Irish, haha).

I am a pro-life Catholic author and activist. Of course, a world of difference with what my predecessor was. We are in name the same but worlds apart in our mission.

By writing this blog I am hoping to inspire others through my mission of spreading good will and hope to others, through my own journey as a TBI survivor. Working around my disability and struggling to stay afloat in this world. Clinging close to religion, love, and good will.

For we are only free through sacrifice.

-Maggie Kuhn