Chili—To Write Home About

I grew up going to a small 1A school. During the wintersour wonderful cook, Jackie, would make homemade delicious meals for us.

The meals were always hot and sooo good!

Some of my favorites were the hot ham and cheese, which was a delicious pocket of ham and cheese with a gooey center.

Towards winter was one of the best times for cafeteria food, if you ask me.

When piping hot cinnamon rolls oozing with frosting were served alongside a bowl of steaming chili.

Yes, chili and cinnamon rolls, my friends, this is a match made in heaven.

Granted my fiance thinks that food combination is crazy.

Admittedly, my tastebuds are… how to put it….

interesting, unusual— dare I say, piquant taste preferences.

That’s a cool word. Piquant. Definitely, the word of the day.


I thought, for sure, that I would never be able to top this chili of my dear childhood elementary school.



I found a recipe for LOW-FODMAP chili that will turn heads. And people WILL ask you for the recipe.

Bet your bottom dollar.

This recipe is for approximately 3-4 people. If you need more servings double the ingredients.

Chili to Write Home About

1 lb. ground beef

4-5 Tb tomato paste

1 cup water (depending on how thick you want it could be less or more if you like it runny)

1 cup fresh or diced tomatoes (no onions or garlic added)

1/2 cup corn

1 T olive oil

1 tsp salt (I like to use sea salt)

1 tsp. oregano

1 tsp. cumin

1/4 cayenne

2 Tablespoons chili powder

A touch more salt depending on how salty you like your soup. Be careful if using sea salt as this is generally saltier.

Brown beef in skillet with oil. I didn’t drain my beef after this. After browned put beef in slow cooker (I used my instant-pot slow cooker setting). But a slow cooker would do the trick too.

Mix in all the other ingredients mix until combined. Cook 6 on high or 8 hours on low.

Serve with a spritz of lime juice, cheddar cheese, sour cream and crackers.

This chili, my friends, is something to write home about.

I hope you enjoy!

Wind Beneath my Feet and Geography Blues

The sun shines brightly down glimmering across my auburn hair as I straighten my toes on the wooden balcony.


I had a no good case of the geography blues today.

But why I’m able to licate the Ural Mountains on a map now. And I can tells you all about the natural resources of Europe.

So after studying since 8:05 am to 3:15 pm I was ready to “cash in my chips” so to say for this ole’ geography test.

And hey I actually didn’t do too bad.

My map section was a sight for sore eyes but I’m feeling really confident about the other part of the quiz. Which honestly I felt like was the harder section.

Golly, now that I think about it, I had a lot of paragraphs per question. Eek. I hope my professor doesn’t mind.

I did my makeup


I took off my French pedicure off.

Though French pedicures are not at all French in origin. Jeff Pink an American in Hollywood made them popular in the 1970’s.

Here’s a recipe I made over my lunch too.

Roasted Beet and Goat Cheese Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette

Hope you having a smashing good Friday!


Signed. Sealed. Move-in-Ready

Munching away at my bagel billowing with creamy PB Fit and my favorite strawberry jam I muse over how hard we’ve both worked to make this move possible. My fiance has certainly really put in buckets of time studying and really making this opportunity possible. And to think he’s been hammering away at his thesis all summer and it remains to be finished.

Ayiyi! I applaud his integrity and dedication, truly!

We signed on our first apartment together– “going to be married” apartment in Minnesota!!!! I will be staying in that apartment and my fiance in another place which has yet to be found.

Photo by RODNAE Productions on

So, now, we’re much more relaxed from all the anxiety that’s been humming around us. OMGoodness!!!!

We have to tackle the basement, TODAY. Oh golly, we have been putting that off.

Not really looking forward to going down and working with all the spiders. They’re not very helpful workers 😉

1st Deposit; Summer Wardrobe Change

With all this moving and sweat tears and… ok, not blood but espresso. I’m going to be ready for a pedicure, LORDY-ME!

And maybe a wardrobe update too… No–definitely a wardrobe update. These Minnesota winters sound pretty bitter cold; or if you will, B.C.

Yes, definitely. I enjoy shopping online better than shopping in store. I think that is much easier than walking to a store. And most of the time I’m not a big skanner-shopper. It seems whenever I go to a store I come out with things I really didn’t need and I feel like I wasted a bunch of time on something I could’ve just done online. But I do so enjoy shopping with friends.

Speaking of which, recently I’ve had my eyes on some clothing from Mod Cloth.

Photo by Japheth Mast on

It is a sweater like this! This kitten is soo cute!!!

I bought the cutest pair of shorts with embroidered flowers around the pockets, that I bought last year and wear still.

Mod Cloth is having a summer sale too.

Check it out!

ModCloth: Back to School Styles for $15

We finally secured an apartment. Thank the Good Lord! Oh my!

Packing has been crazy today. I finally started on the basement and I’d say cleared out about 50%. The other half will be easier to load once the moving truck is here.

Through all this stress of locating a new rental—which are far and few between in MN– and packing, finding a new job and praying through it all, I have had a great epiphany, this struggle has seemed to ground me more and help me think good and hard about what really matters.

God seems to reveal to us during our hardest struggles his grace. I have found an abundance of grace in doing all this cleaning not only my closet but also cleaning my heart in preparation for a new life stage that God is guiding me through.

It’s a great consolation to me that God is present throughout this whole packing process. He will be present in our new apartment in November after we are happily married.

My Thoughts on French Pedicures

My fiancé and I went on a delivery to NE for a delivery, recently. We got to book a hotel that had free coffee and all the accouterments a girl could ever want. I’m talking shaving cream to toothpaste. No, I know this may seem pretty basic for a hotel to some but I had never stayed some place this nice, so it was so neat for me!

So, friends, I have dived into the cool waters of buying a new wardrobe (it’s a mighty bit colder in Minnesota) and pedicuring. Definitely a new word I just came up with 😉

Speaking of new wardrobes!!! Mod Cloth is a new site (at least to me) that I’ve been looking for clothing on. Please check it out and use my code.

During, this trip I decided I needed some pampering. Not completely necessary but I thought ya know sometimes pedicures are just nice. I bet I could count on one hand the times I’ve had a pedicure. So, I was very excited after making the appointment.

Ooh my! And do my toesies like it!

Goodness gracious.

Literally, since my gait is kinda wonky and my left foot is well pretty frazzled. It was the most calming and wonderful thing. My feet always feel 100% better after I’ve had a pedicure. My toenails are so incredibly better too. I’ve had problems with thick toenails and damage from the trauma of my accident. Which surprisingly have been mitigated.

Now, I am able to walk barefoot unlike before.

It’s crazy.

So, I’m resolved once we move to be making pedicure appointments at least once a month.

Blessing #9: Strife of Packing and Tasty Donuts

The soft murmur of our coffee percolator sounded across the kitchen as I watched contemplating life. It seems a good place to contemplate—in front of a bubbling coffee percolator. It helped me think through everything, at least.

It was a big day ahead of studying, applying for this and that in our new state, checking on my financial aid (foot tapping in expectation), and applying to nearly 5 more scholarships. I think by now I have about 15 that I’ve applied to this month.

It’s been quite a humbling day. The bright sun glinted through my window as I awoke and I have had quite a sunny happy day today.

I’ve been all “wired up“ as I think my fiancé put it because of all the packing that needs done. I find packing fun. So at least that makes the process a little less dreary.

This morning, we ran to our favorite coffee shop (well one of our top favorites at least). The car, which is packed to the gills, literally, is now “toothless” from her front bumper hanging lopsided.

Funny story for another post! 😜

On the way home we stopped at the local grocery store to pick up some bread for our tuna sandwiches we’ll be making tonight. My lovely fiancé added in a donut as a little “don’t stress” treat.

As, we walked out bags in hand, I saw across the street a shining garage sale sign. Heehee, one of my favorite things!

And wowzer, friends, this lady was selling things without prices. Offering whatever price you thought was best for the item. We got a great deal on a car neck pillow brand new and a couple of new phone covers!