Nobody Knows How the Story Ends

Nature’s way has taken a vicious curve. Snow pummels down in blankets as my visage is clouded to only 2 feet ahead of my trembling feet.  Snowy white like a newly pressed wedding gown. Everything is veiled around me.

A red bird chirps ahead of me, silhouetted in white, maybe a sign of love? The love finds my fingers pull and fold clothes as I wonder what awaits their calloused countenance. Silly hands that have made art, pies, scarves. But could someday bear the fate of my life.

The red bird vanishes into the orchard webbed in white like a white cloistered nun. No one knows where we’re bound during this life. Nobody knows how the story ends.

The snow’s rage torrents down en masse diminishing the path ahead. Where are we bound? No one knows.

The Fire of Red Birds Imagination

As my pen’s ink shot across the page in freehand the fire before me blazed. Seems as if the fire was also alight in my imagination as I churned out the words of my first short story. This time of recovery has greatly encouraged me to publish two books on Amazon. Which, God-willing will fair decently come debut day. Lord knows I have whittled away at those stories for a mighty long time. It takes a good long time to write. I do believe I will publish more, as I feel it’s my calling. My books, “A Close Call” and “Falling to Daughter Zion”, will debut on December 25, 2018. Please check them out on Amazon Kindle.

I’ve been watching The Beginning of Z and it’s quite amazing that Scott Fitzgerald created such phenomenal pieces of literature. Not that I’m completely gung-ho about Fitzgerald’s books they are a literary masterpiece, I believe. I’m not going to judge character because that’s not fair.

Today I saw a red bird out of the only window within sight of my bed. Seeing it made me so happy as if it was the carrier of new hope for this changed life I so dramatically stepped into… Or hobbled into, rather. But gettin’ hurt just means you’ll come out stronger. I feel stronger… though weak. That red bird did that for me. It’s funny how something so simple as nature can encourage you through dark times. Like a resplendent fire burning throughout this seemingly endless winter of suffering.

I am very blessed to have a safe place to stay while I’m recovering. God is good and life is a blessing. Let positivity shimmer through your life and begin every day anew.