Returning to College in Scotland!

Oh, my dear friends I have to tell you the most grand thing!

I talked to my admissions counselor at the college I will be attending. I have decided to take one class and perhaps an internship over the Spring semester.

My trip to Scotland, is still in the works, but I’m shooting for November. I would be staying a whole month. Or longer.

So even though it’s still a rough outline of a trip I am soooooo excited. Its a dream, that may be getting closer! So let’s keep on celebrating.

The internship previously mentioned would be for my trip and it can be 1-3 credits! Besides that with the internship I have the flexibility to study whatever my heart pleases in Scotland.

It will be such a grand adventure!

“We few we happy few we band of brothers.” (I just love that poem and what better poem to remember when thinking of Scotland, haha.


If you have any general travel comments or comments on Scotland, please I would love to hear them. Please comment below.

For now,

God Bless


Merry of Soul

This morning broke clean and chill over the Kansas hills.

This morning I am listening to Russian soundtracks from Toygar. Which are classical and hauntingly beautiful.

Sura, Toygar

The coffee pot at my house took a turn for the worst so I’ve been enjoying the gifts of my Keurig. Haha, which is quite amazing! I have been drinking the pods called Dark Magic and the Columbian coffee pods.

Green Mountain Coffee Dark Magic

Dark Magic has a deep chocolate undertone that is just a perfect excuse for having chocolate in the morning. It has some flavor notes of smoky cinnamon too.

Dark Columbian Coffee

This is a fantastic roast, that has a really sweet smooth nutty flavor. Though this blend is not as strong as Dark Magic it is an exceptional roast.

I am listening to one of my favorite soundtracks, from Outlander. “The Skye Boat Song”, which historically is completely butchered.

The original song detailed Bonny Prince Charlie’s Escape to the Isle of Skye (Scotland) in Flora McDonald’s boat. Charlie was disguised as a washerwoman.

The Skye Boat Song

I have to hand it to Outlander though. I love the setting and the actors are perfect for their parts–so realistically fantastical, stellar acting.

I think especially that Murtaugh’s character is profound, he is so loyal. Jamie of course is true to his character, a ravishing accent, and his acting is on cue. But honestly, if we’re getting into Outlander, that’s definitely another post.

So be

Merry of soul.

He Keeps His Promises

This morning as I wandered up the long red dirt hill I looked beneath my feet at the crunching gravel. I was immersed in thoughts, bouncing around my head like bouncing balls. Scotland, volunteer, work, college, the whole gamut seems overwhelming, or so it seems. This is true of most people my age juggling family, jobs, college, and volunteer opportunities. So much to do so little time!

Scotland is roaringly wild and majestically beautiful! I can imagine the rock cliffs prodding out into the cyan blue sky. Feeling the salt breeze wander across my face.

Today at Sunday I received that one true lamb. As in the Book of John, Jesus separates the Bread blesses it and says to his apostles: “Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world.”

This is such a powerful verse that continues throughout the Bible. The Cardinal of my diocese visited our small church today celebrating the confirmation of many young people.

The Bishop gave a powerful homily today. Starting by thanking the whole congregation for supporting and helping the confirmands along their journey.

As he continued he described a 13-year-old girl who after an earthquake went to the support tent to find only one banana left with the provided rations. Finding this she divided the banana for her two younger siblings. Eating the leftover crumbs of the banana peel.

That homily blew my mind and really got me critically thinking about my own life and about how I can be of service to others.

We are called to serve. And I hope to do accordingly.

Thank you for reading this blog post!

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God Bless for a Blessed Lent!