BRB Advice

So… As a new BRB—bride-to-be I have had exceptional amounts of fun, stress, and confusion planning this wedding.

It has been such an epic adventure so far and I have had so many new wonderful wedding decorations and wedding dress fittings. It has been absolutely a ball!

Through this process, I have learned a lot of things about myself, my confidence, and some sage advice from several of my married friends and even strangers that I want to share with you today.

My future mother-in-law provided some fresh and always inspiring advice.

1. You should never go to bed angry

This I think, personally, is very VERY good advice.

She is such a wonderful lady and I can’t wait to be a part of her family!! What an adventure our lives together will be. Golly gee.

My best friend, well, one of my best friends, offered this eloquent advice

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Be Patient in the storm and focus on the sunshine after.

2. To be patient through the toughest storms.

Also, this friend, at my bachelorette party said the kindest things about memories of me. She had arrived at the farm to work her first summer and didn’t know a soul. I saw her drive up and ran out to her with a wide beaming smile on my face to hug and welcome her.

She, of course, said it much more eloquently than I (tried) to summarize in that paragraph. She is such a wonderful friend and I feel very blessed to have her in my life.

This next piece of sage advice was given to me by an older woman in my community, and I think is quite sage advice.

3. To never squabble at the dinner table.

These are all such blessings of good solid advice that I hope to cherish and practice throughout my upcoming marriage. I hope, maybe, that some bride is reading through this and finds this advice encouraging.

Till later friends.

-I hope you have a joyous day blossoming with goodness!

Praise God, Skirts, Sunshine and Hot Coffee

A towhee chirps in the black cherry tree behind me as I sit on the porch sipping hot coffee. It’s a sunny Sunday morning. Mass will be later this afternoon which my fiancé and I go to. Today, since it’s nice weather out I’ll wear a skirt.

Mass is such a beautiful event. I love being Catholic.

Anyway, today has been mostly good. I woke earlier than expected and popped downstairs to make coffee. Which, nonetheless, is an interesting experience/experiment each time I make it in our percolator.

Stove-top Percolators are finicky things.

Now, I’m upstairs honestly really tired—extremely tired.

I’m waiting for my stick buns, new recipe (so EXCITED!!). I think they’ll drive my fiancé crazy, haha. He loves sticky buns.

Done and yummy!

I found the recipe on my Allrecipes app and added a few substitutes. I made my own yellow cake mix and used some leftover streusel topping from a muffin mix box.

My fiancé loved it! He had two slices today!

Though it is a beautiful sunny day after a big rain last night my garden is looking very sad. My petunias look Ike they’ve been battered with a broom and my lilac never bloomed and is a green skinny bud jutting out with yellow tips. Quite dead which is quite disheartening.

Ta-ta for now friends.