Early Bird Exercise

I have an internal alarm clock that I can’t shut off… The sound of my coffee pot happily perking started at 5:30 am this morning.

Well, getting up early at least affords me a little more time in my day. I have been working out in the mornings and taking walks in my small town. In my town, there is  talk of building a trail. Which, I think is great for the community but I don’t really understand why people aren’t just walking on the streets.

So this morning I actually spent applying to jobs. What a lark! Haha, not such, rather monotonous if you ask me. I skipped my workout, however, as of now I have clocked in almost 4,000 steps. Which for me is pretty good! Maybe today I’ll shoot for 6,000 steps. My walking app counts 6000 as being active and that would boost my confidence a lot!

Exercise is very important to me of recent. I had a goal when my boyfriend left to get a six-pack. Well, I don’t know how well that will work out but I certainly have been making gains as far as that goes.

I’ve also been working on my whole body’s nutrition. It makes me feel so much better if I eat well and exercise. I’ve been trying to eat a meat-free diet recently and focusing more on nuts, beans, and dairy.

So, with time I’m developing a healthier lifestyle, for lifelong gains.